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Tray keeps opening when loading disks.

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When loading a game disk, the tray closes but immediately opens again.  When turning off the console, the tray automatically opens even while the console is off. After the console is off for about 10 minutes, the tray will close

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    Hey there Acquitted! What type of console do you have? Is it an original Xbox 360, or an Xbox 360 S model?

    Emily - Program Manager @ Xbox, Xbox One Preview Program

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    i have the same problem with a new xbox360S model....

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    some extra info -

    the tray stay open most of the time, and when pressing the eject it closes then open immediately, it keep saying 'opening' all the time, exept when pressing the eject, then it says 'closing' and then again 'opening'.

    it doesnt say 'open tray'...

    and when i turn off the xbox the tray opens, and stay open, not closing even after 10 minutes

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    Hey Bar,

    We're a little baffled with your explanation of  the issue? Could you perhaps provide more clear / concise steps?

    - Retired Support Agent -

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    I have the same problem..

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    Hey MuhammadAtef11! Could you also do as Mister B requested and explain your issue with more details? You may also want to check out our Sticky post on Disc drive issues for extra information!

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    It sounds like I have the same problem.

    For example: 25 Nov 2012  4:45am my Xbox 360s opened the tray automatically after the Xbox had been off for about 8 hrs. Tray stays open for about 10 minutes and shuts again. Then Xbox promptly shuts down. 2hrs later the Xbox again opened the tray automatically. It goes through this cycle a few times a day. If I don't want it to open up and turn on automatically it has to be unplugged until I go to use it. It has had this problem sinse the day I got it.