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How do I add extra memory?

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Ok so I'm a mom! Lol! My son has the Xbox 360 4gb kinect and he needs more memory to download games. What is the best and cheapest way to do this?? I've read you can use a USB, but then there's something about not being able to use HDD??? Whatever that is..... He is 9 so I don't know what all he needs for it. He has Xbox live and he uses his Microsoft points to download games, but it is now telling him he doesn't have enough space. So any advice, help, recommendations would be GREAT!!! Anything extra you think is an awesome add on too that he would enjoy would be great if you have recommendations! His bday is coming up and I would like to buy him more, but I totally don't know what all it can do....
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    Pretty much any USB stick can be used for Xbox 360 storage, here is how to use one with your console Be aware though that you can only use up to 16gb of space on the USB for 360 storage no matter how large it actually is.


    To use a hard drive with the 360 it needs to be an official Microsoft product You can buy one at almost any retailer that sells Microsoft's console or online from places such as Amazon.

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    I would definetly go for the Xbox 360 250GB Hard Drive

    It's that what i have and it's great. I don't recomend the USB stick.

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    a hard drive is the wiser option, as memory sticks can only use up to 16GB and that will fill up fast. Make sure when purchasing a hard drive that it is an official microsoft product. There are plenty of cloned ones out there. Amazon are currently selling a 320GB hard drive that comes with a free code for lego star wars 3 :) it works out cheaper than buying a 250GB product. I bought this hard drive from amazon a week ago and can confirm it is official.

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    Ok so I'm a mom! Lol!

    Not really a laughing matter.
    He is 9 so I don't know what all he needs for it.
    I'm not sure what his age has to do with knowing what storage device he needs.


    It's important that you know exactly what your son is playing on his console. That will help you determine if it's something he should be playing, then if it is how much space he really needs.


    The Gearfest promotion is currently live for another week at Amazon. Without knowing what he's playing, the largest storage capacity device that can be had is the 320GB HDD for $89.99.

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    Thanks! I will probably go with getting the hard drive at GameStop.

    His age was simply to explain around about reason why he doesn't know too much about why he need either so that's why he really can't tell me and I have no clue! As far as what he is doing or playing I have every parental control set and he only has the games "I" buy of course and he can't download anything without me entering the password to get to the Microsoft points or even his Xbox live. I have unfortunately had to report a few people who are incredibly rude and don't care that they are talking to a 9 year old. So I'm not worried about what he's playing or any of that. I've been on top of that. I just don't know too much about the additional features you can buy as far as upgrades of any kind including hard drive. I haven't checked too much into it. Now the Xbox live and Microsoft point etc.... I have and thats is why I have an account and everything of course is in my name and my credit card so no way will he be getting access to that anytime soon! :)

    Thx for the hard drive info!

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    You could set his communication settings to Friends Only if he is getting spoken to in a poor manner

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    or if you have and old ipod and u dont know what to use it on then connect it to youre xbox and it will let u use the ipod for memory.......if you do this and you have music on the ipod the music will get deleted and you wont be abble to add songs to it unless you want to erase every single thing you have downloaded with it

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    Hey Gun. We appreciate your tip, but this thread is almost a year old..