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Can't connect with friend in chat or party

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This is a very recent problem...up until a few days ago my friend and I could connect to each other's parties or chat sessions no problem.  Now, however, Xbox LIVE will not allow us to connect.  If we try to accept each other's party invite, we get error messages saying "Cannot connect to Xbox Live party" or something like that.  When we send chat invites and accept, the Xbox Live window says "Joining chat", and then after a few seconds the chat session just disappears from the chat menu.  

Both of us have working internet connections, both have XBL gold, and both can connect well with others.  Neither of us has any NAT errors or anything.  And again, this is only recently, up until a few days ago we could connect fine.  Has anyone else experienced this before, and is there a fix?  This is really getting annoying.

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    I’m having trouble communicating with other users.
    LIVE is a lot more fun when you can chat with your friends (or enemies!) while gaming. Let's try getting you back up and running. Check out these suggestions to see if they cover your issue.

    Chat Channel

    You can also try changing which chat channel you are in (game, party, etc.). You can find a list of available chat channels by following these steps:

    1. Press the Guide Button on your controller.
    2. Select Chat & IM.
    3. Select the channel you want to join. All other channels will be muted and members of other channels will be unable to hear you.

    Also check the console settings for chat volume by following these steps:

    1. On the Dashboard navigate to the Settings Hub and select Preferences.
    2. Select Voice.
    3. Change the volume levels accordingly.
    4. You can also set where you want the voice audio to play (headset, speakers, or both).

    First of all you should check your hardware. Make sure you have the volume turned up and the microphone unmuted. For specific advice on your hardware, check below. 

    Choose your device below and make sure that you have connected and are using it properly. If you are confident that you have set up your device properly, you can skip ahead to the troubleshooting below. 

    Wired Headset
    Please ensure that your headset connector is firmly inserted into the controller. If it is loose at all, you may find it hard to hear other players or for them to hear you. If you are having an issue, try swapping the headset to a different controller. If this fixes the problem, there is probably an issue with the connector on that controller, and the controller may need to be repaired.

    Wireless Headset
    Is your headset fully charged and ready to go? Awesome! To connect your wireless headset, press and hold the power button until it turns on. If this is the first time you are using this headset with this console, you will need to sync it, or connect it to the console wirelessly.

    To do this, press and hold the sync button on the console (on the original console, the small circle button near the power button; on the S console, the small square button by the front USB ports) until the lights on the console power button start to spin. Then press and hold the sync button on the wireless headset, located on the microphone. The lights should also start flashing on the headset.

    Once they sync up, only one light will remain lit up on the headset, either 1, 2, 3, or 4. This indicates what player position the headset is synced to. For instance, if you are holding the first player controller (indicated by the upper-left light on the controller) then you want your headset to have the 1 light lit up.

    If the wrong number is lit up, tap the sync button on the headset until the proper number is lit up. If it seems to skip the number you want, you may have to turn all your controllers and wireless headsets off, and resync the headsets first, then the controllers.

    When connecting the chatpad to your controller, make sure to insert the plug into the socket properly before attempting to connect it. Then press firmly until the chatpad clicks into place.

    Kinect Sensor
    The Kinect sensor will plug into the special orange slot on the back of the S model console, and into the back USB port and a wall outlet for the original model Xbox 360 console. Follow the instructions on screen to set up your sensor.

    When trying to use the Kinect for voice chat, make sure to disconnect all other microphones. If you hear any echoing, try running the Kinect Tuner again. If other players are still hearing an echo and are using the Kinect sensor as well, suggest they run the Kinect Tuner.

    If other users can’t hear you, make sure you have set the Kinect microphone to allow for chatting. You can find this option by going here:

    1. On the Dashboard navigate to the Settings Hub and select System.
    2. Select Kinect Settings.
    3. Select Chat Microphone.
    4. Select On.

    For more information and troubleshooting on the Kinect sensor, including Video Kinect, please visit our Kinect issues forum.

    How do I know if my device is working properly?
    Try using it with another controller (for wired headset or chatpad) or console (for wireless headset). If the device works with another controller or console, there is most likely something wrong with your original controller or console that is preventing your device from connecting properly. If the device does not work with any controller or console, then the device itself might be broken.

    You may need to get this controller or console repaired. All accessories have a 90-day warranty and consoles have a 1-year warranty from Microsoft and you can contact support to set up the repair order.

    Other players’ voices are coming through the TV or speakers.
    As it happens, this is an option for chatting on Xbox LIVE. To check what your option is set for, follow the steps Volume up above. Change this to play through headset and you should be good to go!

    I can’t hear anyone or they can’t hear me!
    Your Online Safety settings might be preventing communication with other users. You can set this to either allow only your friends to be able to communicate with you or everyone. You can find this option by following these steps:

    1. On the Dashboard navigate to the Settings Hub and select Privacy.
    2. Select Change Settings.
    3. Select Customize. 
    4. Select Voice and Text.
    5. Select your preference (Everyone or Friends Only)

    It won’t let me change these options without someone else logging in!
    You are most likely on a child account, so you would need your parent to log in to save the changes made to the Online Safety panel. If your account is now over 18, you can simply promote your account to an adult account.  

    What else could cause my communication issue

    You may have an issue with your NAT, or Network Access Translation.You can check our NAT sticky post for information on what it does and how to change the settings to help allow communication on Xbox LIVE.

    It is also possible that you have a communication suspension on your account. This could have resulted from a complaint being filed against you by another user. If you are confident that this isn’t the case, you can continue reading, but if this is the case for you you’d have to post in the Account Suspensions forum to get more details.

    I can't join parties, or friends can't join mine.
    First check you Parental and Online Safety Settings to make sure joining parties is allowed. This is controlled by the same Voice and Text option as listed above. Also make sure you check the above mentioned NAT sticky post as this can help clear up this issue in certain cases. 

    I can’t send or receive messages.
    As above, check out your Online Safety settings to make sure communication is not blocked. With messages, make sure that both you and the person you are trying to communicate with aren’t blocking the other. If your friend blocks communication with you, you won’t get an alert letting you know he or she didn’t receive your message. To unblock communication with someone you blocked, just send them a message or invite.

    I’ve checked all my settings and hardware and I’m still talking to myself.
    If you’ve tried everything in the steps above and are still having issues, go ahead and create or find a post in this forum that describes your issue. Please include the following information in your post.

    What are you unable to do?
    What communication devices are you using (brand, type)?
    Are you getting any error code or message?
    Are you using a child account? Have you tried promoting your account?

    All the above Information from HERE

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    I currently have this exact same problem - How did you resolve it?  The answer above doesn't actually solve the problem. To confirm both people have xbox live gold accts, working headsets, correctly configured NAT types, and voice messages can be sent and received.  however, we are unable to join a party or private chat.  Everything worked up until ~two weeks ago..

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    Greetings, Cthu1hu Fhtagn. As this thread is quite old can you please create a new one for us? It would be very helpful if you could include a full description of your issue along with the error codes you are seeing and any troubleshooting steps you've tried so far. Thanks!

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