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forgotten family settings password

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I bought an xbox 360 at a pawn shop and it has a password on it that we don't know. Is there anyway to bypass this or reset the console to get the password off? If it can be reset please tell me where the reset button is. thanks

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  • You'll need to call phone support at 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269).

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    The reset varies depending on the serial number and is completely different for each console. You will need to call support to get your personal reset code.

    If you have any problems after that then you may also want to check if your console has been banned, which is a possibility when buying used from places like pawn shops. You should do this if you can after you have obtained your reset code.

    The way to do this is:

    1) Remove hard drive and any memory cards

    2) Don't log in to any profiles. (Which you can't as you have removed hard drive)

    3) Go to system settings.

    4) Network Settings

    5) Click Test Xbox Live Connection and wait for it to finish

    6) If you get a message to update system, do not update. Click no update.

    7) Test connection should have failed, check cancel.

    8) Press Y and you should see a list of numbers and codes.

    If Z says 8015-1002, then you have not been banned and should be fine.Update as normal after that.

    If Z says 8015 -190D then your console has been banned. You will not be able to play on Live and I would suggest taking your xbox back to the pawn shop.

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    If u reset it .It won't work on ur family settings.

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    What if you have no family setting but it keeps asking you for the 4 digit passcode?

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    I'm very nervous because I can not put family  pass code,someone help with an idei.

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    if you are asked to enter a 4 key code, check the whole thread, the answer is already posted

    if you want to Setup a passcode instead, navigate to Settings, choose Family, turn it on and enter the passcode you want to use in the future.

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    I had a similar experience with an XBOX 360 I purchased at a local flea market. I had to contact customer support and they were able to provide me with a specific way to reset the family 4 digit code . The CS representative asked me for my console's serial number which I provided as well as my current tag informration so it could be registered to me now. The combination of keys you push to reset your box is different from one console to the other. It was a pain but I was finally able to reset  the system where I no longer needed the family password/4 digit code. Take aways from this? If at all possible, ask the seller if they have used the console and know of any codes/passwords to access the system/play games. Parents will place codes/time controls on these machines. Have the seller power up the system/place a game in and play! Check the system out for any bugs. Some defective machines still out there folks so before you purchase that "baragain" ensure it is not a bargain because it is defective.. if the machine has a password/copde/s, request that the seller remove the password/code for you or at minimum inform you of the problem if they forgot the password/code so you can at least take it under consideration before handing over your hard earned money for what could be a big paper weight. :)