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How to replace the power supply

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My Xbox 360 is dead: 3 red lights on the power button, and the power adapter light is orange. I unplugged all the wires and tried on a different wall socket, but I had no luck. According to the online wizard, I need to replace the power supply.

Does anybody know how to do this????

I can place a repair request from here: My console IS still on warranty, so they will fix it for free. However, the page states clearly that I should only send them the console: no discs, no power supply, no controllers... just the console. That's great, but what I need to be fixed is the power supply, not the console!

I could also request a replacement adapter from the same page... but they will charge me 30$ for the new one. I don't want to purchase a new one, what I want is to repair or replace the damaged one, which is still under warranty.

Anybody went through my situation? How should I proceed?

Thanks in advance

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    Just to clarify something: when I turn on the console, the power supply led is green for a second, and then is back to orange.

    Now I'm not really sure if that counts as "it's green, you've to repair the console", or "it's orange, you need a new power supply". So I'm more confused than before :)

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    Greetings, ajperez81. Thanks for bringing your question to the forums. We'll get to the bottom of this! To start, can you take a look at this sticky: ? I'd be particularly interested to know what happens when you try the steps listed under "The light on my power supply unit is orange." Can you give that a shot and let me know if the light changes on your power supply? This should help us determine what steps to take next. Thanks very much!

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    Thanks for your answer, Mister Darcy.

    As I already said, I tried everything listed there: unplug all the wires and reattach them, try on a different outlet, etc. With the same result: when I turn it on again, the led is green for just a second, and then it goes back to orange.

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    Thanks for the response AJ! If none of the troubleshooting seems to be helping, I would recommend setting up a repair order to get a replacement power supply. If you don't see a proper method on the website ( then you can simply contact our phone support and they can set you up with a repair specialist. Let us know how that goes, thanks!

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    I called phone support and they have opened a repair request for me.

    Surprisingly, the support guy said that what needs to be repaired is the console, not the power supply.

    I thought that 3 red lights + orange power supply led = bad power supply. That's what the online troubleshooting wizard says. Apparently, it's wroooooong. It's a power supply fault if the led is BLINKING in orange. If it's orange, but it's not blinking, then is a hardware problem in the console. Damned if I understand anything!
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    Ok, I googled a little bit more, and found how to determine the error code, by pressing the sync and ejec button.

    My error code is 0001, which apparently, means "power supply problem". However, they already have told me over the phone that I have to send the console because that's what is damaged. WTF do I do?! I guess I'm stuck with the support phone, until they recognise that my problem is not the console but the power supply...

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    Hey ajperez81! Have you reported this error code to phone support? I would suggest calling back and letting them know what you've discovered since last talking to them before sending your console in for repair. Let us know how it goes! :)

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    Also, be sure that when you call support back that you have your repair request and tell them.

    It will help get things expedited for you and they will get you taken care of quickly.

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    You can buy power supplys online most shops dont sell them but i think ebay and amazon sell them

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    I had the same issue with my MW2 console and the Power Supply went Bad. Gamestop had em, but bring the old one with ya as they are different models available.

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    Hi there. Keep in mind that the power supply for the Xbox 360 has both an internal and external component. Although your external power adapter (the grey/black brick) is seemingly working correctly (solid orange light), the power supply components inside of your console may be defective. Go ahead and send in your console for repair. It will most likely be solved that way.

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