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Roxio Game Cap - HDMI play, Component capture, simultaneously?

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I picked one of these up (via Roxio, GREAT price:).

I was led to believe that we could still PLAY via HDMI, and CAPTURE via Component cables, simultaneously.

Searching other forums, due to the 360's overly large component adapted, it is not possible to even have the 2 separate cables plugged in, let alone get 2 video feeds.

Even if we (carefully) remove the cover of said adapter, I have not found that anyone successfully had 2 discrete video signals to capture & play at the same time.

I sometimes want to capture, sometimes just play, and prefer HDMI to my TV, for full 1080p picture.

I also don't want to have to go into my 360's settings all the time to switch picture modes back & forth.


Does anyone know a (safe, legal) way around this?

Is it possible at all?

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    You were told wrong OP, its not possible.
    The console was designed so both outputs could not be used in conjunction like this, hence the position of the outputs on the back of the console..

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    Out of luck OP, you can only capture off of one stream. Nothing split, sorry.

    Knowing is half the battle!

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    Just bought mine, with the intention of trying the same thing.

    My dazzle could play in component while i had the yellow composite in the dazzle. Very unfortunate if I can't trick it again by having both plugged in.

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    The wiring diagram for the Roxio Game Capture in no way indicates HDMI can be used alongside Component or Composite.


    If you want to capture via HDMI, try one of the Blackmagic Design Intensity offerings.