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Playing Xbox 360 on my PC monitor

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I want to play Xbox 360 on my PC monitor but I don't understand all the cables and stuff. It's a slim. My monitor has VGA, DVI and HDMI ports with external speakers. Can someone link me to all the stuff I need to buy to be able to play on my monitor?
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    All you will need is an HDMI cable this will provide you digital video and digital audio via one cable. With VGA its analog video with and DVI is digital as well but provides no audio. This link provides information on different cables you can use to connect to a monitor or HDTV

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    Please check to ensure your monitor comes with HDMI port - Most older monitors only comes with DVI and VGA.


    If yours is the latter, you will have to purchase the Xbox 360 VGA HD AV cable.

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    If you want the best quality, you should really get an HDMI cable. It is transferring Video and Audio at the same time. That is what I use.

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    There's a couple of options you can take and it all depends on your monitors setup.

    If you want to use HDMI you need to make sure that you have speakers on your monitor (if you want sound to be coming through the monitor) or that you are using a headset that you can connect and get sound from the XBOX 360 that way. I currently use Astro A40's so I don't have that issue myself.

    The second way you could go about this is to get the XBOX 360 VGA HD AV Cable which would give you video, and an alternative way to get sound. The VGA part of the cable would go into the monitor and the red/white wires coming out would go into either speakers or the monitor itself. If you don't have speakers with the red/white wire placements you'll need to get a 3.5mm adapter (the red/white will plug into the 3.5mm adapter and you'll be able to plug that 3.5mm into the speakers portion to get sound)

    More information about this particular setup can be found here.

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    Its a pretty easy process really, try looking over this guide to walk you through it: