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Hard Drive Replacement for Original Xbox 360

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I have an older Xbox 360 Pro with a 20GB hard drive and the space is limiting.  What's the best option for more space for game saves, maps, and other add-ons?

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    USB pen drive if you're on a budget (don't get anything bigger than a 16GB one).

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    You have many options. Their are USB drives that Xbox has released in * and 16 gig), there also are 60 gig hard drives(a xbox live starter bundle) and if your lucky, 120gig hdd. Now the stand alone hard drives are harder to find since they haven't been stocked in stores for a while now. Your best bet is to grab a USB drive.

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    there is also the 250gig drive for the 360 but you'll have a hard time finding the correct one

    since they stoped manufacturing them


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    You can try and see if you can get the 60GB or the 120GB HDD models. If not then you can use a USB flash drive but it has to be at least 1GB and a maximum of 16GB per USB flash drive.

    However you can only have two connected at any one time, meaning you have your 20GB HDD and 2x16GB.

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    Unfortunatley, the 250gb Mr N mentions will not work for the older models.  I recently went to GS to buy one for my console and it only comes as an internal drive for the new consoles that came out last year.  It seems some of these are sold with just a 4GB drive and the wireless already built-in.  But then you can purchase the 250G drive and install it in the console.

    But the 250GB can only be used with that specific model.  I was told that the largest one for the older models were 120G..which I got.  

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    to go buy a new hard drive and you have 20GB to 250GB so go buy one of them for buy the

    here is a link to go buy one

    or buy a or a smaller one that goes in the front


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    I was told that the largest one for the older models were 120G..which I got.

    You were lied to. Not all that uncommon for GameStop...


    The largest original 360 HDD is 250GB. They may or may not be out of production. Microsoft's store is selling them for their list price of $129.99.

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    I checked out prices. The 60G was $40 but the 120G was only $10 more. Since I have 3 Gamestops nearby it was easy to get the 120G. I am now wondering how do I transfer the data from the 20G over to the 120G. I was already able to recover my gamertags to the bigger drive.

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    Use a transfer cable. Plug in the 120G hard drive directly into the xbox (in HDD port) and plug in the 20G  into the transfer cable

    Go here for more information: Transfer multiple items at once

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    You can also use a USB flash drive if you do not have access to a transfer cable.