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Xbox 360 No longer works through Sony A/V Amp!. HELP

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Today i bought a 3 way power HDMI switch, like this one...

As i have 2 hdmi cables i use on my xbox 360 (1 for capturing and 1 for normal play), anyway the device appeared not to work no lights on the device and no picture on my LCD, so i unplug the device and plugged my hdmi cable coming from my Sony STR_DH800 AV amp back into the Xbox 360 but i still wasn't getting a picture on the LCD, then the feeling of dreed starting to come over me as i guessed that the 3 port hdmi switch might have blown something.

I think i have covered all bases,

Xbox & HDMI cable works when plugged directly into the LCD - So not the cable or Xbox 360.
My PS3 Console works on the amp - so not the amp itself
My PS3 Console works on the HDMI input that the 360 was using - so not the HDMI socket on the amp

I have tried 3 different hdmi cables but still no picture, im not even getting the HDMI icon appear on the amp when i select the xbox 360 input on the amp so its not even detecting a HDMI signal...BUT i have notice that if keep unplugging and plugging in the HDMI cable on the rear of amp the HDMI icon does eventually appear but i still dont get and sound or picture.

EDIT: Have have now tried my brothers Xbox console on the Sony Amp using the same HDMI cable an HDMI input and his Xbox 360 get a display fine, so it must be my xbox, but i cant understand why the xbox works fine when i plug it straight into my LCD TV using the exact same HDMI but wont work when i plug it into the amp. Any ideas what could cause such an issue as because HDMI is digital i thought it either works or it doesn't there's no middle ground!?

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    Hi, it could well be a handshake issue between the console and the amp, did you try resetting your amp to its factory settings at all to try and get the handshake working again.


    Put the receiver in standby

    On the receiver, hold down the standby button for 5 seconds.

    After “Clear All” appears on the display, “Press ENT” appears.


    After “CLEARING” appears on the display for a while, “CLEARED” appears.

    Unit is now reset


    If that doesn't do anything for you then you could try resetting the display settings on your console.


    Power the console on with the guide button on a controller, as the console boots up press and hold Y and the right trigger until the console reboots.




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    Hi, yeah i have tried resetting my amp to factory defaults and also the video settings on the 360 but to no avail. I dont think its a problem on the amp side as the handshake seems to work fine with the PS3 console. This is a strange idea but possible something has become faulty with amps hdmi socket aswell at the same in the 360 HDMI socket and thus that why they no longer work with each other anymore. Its a shame i dont have another AV amp around to try out

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    Hey there Boots! I just want to point out that, just because one console works doesn't mean the other will. If the Xbox console works fine with HDMI to TV, but not with the splitter, then I would say it's the splitter's fault. As this is a 3rd party accessory, we don't officially support it's use here. I would recommend either trying a different splitter solution, or simply swap out cables when you need to.

    If you get a chance to try another splitter, please let us know how it goes. Thanks!

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    Hi Mister Gwyther, i am no longer using this HDMI splitter hub, as soon as i noticed it was faulty and wasnt getting a display i removed it. BUT when i plugged my 360 back up to my amp i still wasnt getting a dsiplay even though i am no longer using this HDMI splitter hub!. So i think the HDMI splitter hub must have damaged something on either the 360 or amp HDMI socket.

    But the plot thickens on this one, yesterday I took my 360 and HDMI cable around my mates to try it on his Yamaha amp and it totally worked fine, got a display straight away!. So now I'm really confused as I was sure it was some minor fault on the 360 but this would suggest its now my amp...or is it both. Is it possible some very minor fault occurred on both HDMI ports (360 & amp) that now when they are paired together they can no longer work together but use them with any other device and they will be fine. Is this even possible!?, as at the moment it's the only plausible theory I can come up with!?

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    A bit more info on this, today i bought a 1.4 HDMI cable and plugged my 360 straight into my TV and was working fine at 720p BUT then i changed the 360 video to 1080p and i wasnt getting a display anymore...well i was but it was flicking on and off and more off than on. I then plugged a 1.3 HDMI cable and that was working fine in 1080p, whats different from a 1.3 to 1.4 HDMI cable that would cause this problem?