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Ring on disc Game ruined?

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I have a unit that appears to have put rings on two of our games.  Niether game will work and I am afriad to try another game for fear of ruining it!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    It seems like the discs have been laser burnt or scratched by the disc tray, you should probably send the console in for repairs, so that they can fix the part that is damaging the discs, otherwise like you say, it may scratch more of your discs.


    Here a thread on how to send your Xbox for repairs:

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    As a sidenote, if you move the console while it is on and a disc is running it will laser burn the disc. So have your machine somewhere safe, where it can not be knocked or moved. Also, causing the floor to shake by excessive jumping around in the room could also cause the Xbox to do this, so be careful in the future!



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    It is in a very secure spot in our basement, so it never moves when in use.

    This has happened to 2 games.

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    Hey GothicBunion08! If that's the case and you haven't moved your console, it is like that you're in need of a console repair as medium bloke suggested. Make sure to follow that link he provided for steps on how to set up that repair! :)