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Xbox 360 S disc read error on brand new games

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I'm so fed up with Microsoft and Xbox. They don't acknowledge the problems with their consoles. My elite had disc read errors so instead of repairing it I purchased the new slim system. Everything was fine until battlefield 3 came out I went out at the midnight launch was so excited to get home only to get disc unreadable. I tried everything I even took it back and got a replacement disc and still nothing. I thought maybe the game was faulty so I did nothing. Then today I buy assassin creed 3 get home put it in and same thing disc can not be read. Frustrated I get on chat and he runs through the troubleshoo process. I cleared the cache. I removed hard drive and same problem. He said sorry $100 to get it fixed. Why should I pay to fix something that Xbox knows is faulty. I'm so fed up with this with halo and black ops coming I might just make a trip and become a ps3 owner. Tired of wasting my money on a company that doesn't care about its customers.
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    Well I would say try clearing the system cache and see if that helps.

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    Actually that won't help and no, your consolde does not need to be repaired. I had the same problem several years ago with a Madden title.  I bought and exchanged three discs and nothing seemed to work.  So I installed the game directly onto my HDD and it has worked ever since.


    That said, I searched online and discovered that this is unfortunately a real problem on the part of Ubisoft.  I would contact Customer Support directly and request a disc replacemant.  Be sure to keep your receipt.

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    Mylene: Hello, thank you for contacting Xbox Customer Support. My name is Mylene. Please give me a moment to review your question.

    Mylene: I understand that you are having issues playing your new games.

    Mylene: That is absolutely not the situation we want you to have. Don't worry, we will be working together to come up with a resolution to your issue.

    Mylene: Is this Sam?

    Sam: yes

    Mylene: Hi Sam!  I hope that you're doing fine today.

    Mylene: I'll be asking questions related to our issue and I would like us to perform steps that are necessary to resolve the issue. In case the issue remains, your console will have to be sent for repair.

    Sam: sorry ive been talking to a few agents but i keep getting booted off for some reason on my tablet

    Mylene: It might be the wifi connection.

    Mylene: I'm so sorry about that Sam.

    Mylene: Sam, are these games from a disc?

    Sam: yes brand new from best buy

    Mylene: Your console won't load discs if you have corrupted files stored in the console's storage, playing discs that have scratches, bad or corrupted hard drive and lastly, an internal disc drive error.

    Mylene: Sam to start, may I have the title of the game please?

    Sam: ok well let me just go over this really breif i first noticed this with battlefield 3 but i thought maybe it was a corrupt game so i replaced it three times and had the same issue. I didnt think anything but today i purchased assasins creed 3 frest out of the box i got the disc read error i tried contacting customer service and we ran through some troubleshooting steps. i cleared cache i took out hard drive i tried creating a new profile nothing worked.

    Mylene: So it happens on 2 games?

    Mylene: Did it happened after you downloaded the game update?

    Sam: i found it odd that all of my old games work its only newer ones so i researched online and found that there was a firmware update that effected some xbox's

    Sam: no it never even booted the game just immediatly showed disc read error

    Mylene: This might be a game issue.

    Mylene: Sam, actually I have assisted one customer earlier with the same issue like yours.

    Mylene: He just got a new  assasins creed 3 game.

    Mylene: But I'm glad we were able to resolve the issue.

    Sam: so if i get another game and it doesnt work whats going to be done

    Mylene: Here's what we will do first.

    Sam: let me share this with you because it seems like either none of you are aware of this or arent informing some of us frustrated with this issue


    Mylene: I am checking on the link.

    Mylene: Sam, I have asked our Senior Specialist to review this and it's not an official information from us.

    Mylene: We do not have that information from our end as well.

    Sam: really because its on several sites im not asking for a free xbox i just want this issue fixed i know im going to replace the game and its not going to solve the issue i already tried that once.

    Mylene: Sam, as of the moment we do not have any official statement about that.

    Mylene: Sam I will walk you thru some steps to isolate the issue and identify the root cause of this.

    Sam: So what do i do if i replace the game and it still doesnt work

    Mylene: Are you infront of the console right now?

    Sam: ok im willing to try anything at this point yes i am

    Mylene: I assure you this is not a console issue since other games are working.

    Mylene: This might be an issue with the game update,

    Sam: the game never updated it never got a chance to even start it immediatly said disc read error

    Mylene: Let me provide you some steps to resolve the issue.

    Mylene: Disc Drive Solution

    Sam: i already did all of these

    Sam: cleared cache

    Sam: took out drive and tried game

    Sam: created new profile

    Sam: took out any external drives

    Mylene: Are you connected to Xbox Live right now?

    Sam: i was until i created a new profile so at this very moment i am not

    Mylene: Please connect to Xbox Live right now.

    Mylene: Here's what we will do first

    Mylene: Turn off the console.

    Mylene: Disconnect the power cables.

    Mylene: Reconnect the power cables after 1 min.

    Mylene: Turn on the console.

    Mylene: Connect to Xbox Live first before playing Assassins Creed 3.

    Sam: tried it still sais disc is unreadable

    Mylene: When you connect to Xbox Live, what happened?

    Sam: nothing just connected then i clicked on the play game icon and thats what it said

    Mylene: Here's what we will do right now.

    Mylene: Press the Guid button on the controller.

    Sam: ok

    Mylene: So to Settings then System.

    Mylene: Go to Memory.

    Mylene: or Storage

    Mylene: Go to Games.

    Sam: ok

    Mylene: Look for Assassins Creed.

    Sam: theres nothing there

    Mylene: Thank you for the information Sam.

    Mylene: Are you still connected to Xbox Live right now?

    Sam: yes

    Mylene: Have you already downloaded the latest system update?

    Sam: yes

    Mylene: Here's what we will do.

    Mylene: To make sure that we have the latest system update, let's redownload the update again.

    Mylene: Please go back to Memory/Storage.

    Mylene: Higlight your HDD.

    Mylene: Press LB RB X LB RB X buttons on our controller.

    Sam: ok

    Sam: do i re download the update

    Mylene: Yes please.

    Mylene: So how was it so far Sam?

    Sam: almost there

    Sam: ok it restarted

    Mylene: Okay.

    Sam: still disc is unreadable

    Sam: actually on the icon it sais unrecognized disc

    Mylene: Can you try other game?

    Sam: yes ill try disc two of assassins creed

    Mylene: Try other games.

    Sam: disc two didnt work either but ufc undisputed 3 worked immediately

    Mylene: How about Battlefield?

    Sam: let me check

    Sam: that one didnt work

    Mylene: How about our games?

    Sam: like what

    Mylene: Other games aside Assassins Creed and Battlefield.

    Sam: well my most recent games are battlefield 3 assasins creed 3 kinect sports 2 then ufc undisputed 3 the only one that works out of the four is ufc every game i have before ufc 3 works call of duty black ops, halo madden i would say about 30 games all play fine just the 3 newest ones dont

    Mylene: Sam if only 1 game works it means that the console is faulty.

    Mylene: Well, it is most likely that the console needs to be checked by our Certified Microsoft Technician, there might be a certain component that was damaged and needs to be replaced or fixed the reason why the console is behaving this way.

    Mylene: Please provide me with the console serial number?  The serial number is located at the back of the console. The serial number is a 12-digit number located directly below the barcode.

    Mylene: Sam thank you for trying all of these steps.

    Mylene: Let me check your console information now.

    Sam i didnt say only one game worked i said 3 games didnt work out of 30 and those three games are all recent games within this year

    Mylene: Sorry about that.

    Mylene: Have you already tried playing the same copy of the games?

    Sam: what do you mean

    Mylene: This could also be a game disc issue.

    Mylene: Do you now someone that has the same copy of the game?

    Sam: i appreciate your help with all of this and i know your trying to resolve this issue but i would agree its a game issue if this was the only game it was happening on but 3 games all this year with the same exact issue not to mention i replaced battlefield 3 three seperate times and it didnt work.

    Sam: no but i tried the game on my neighbors xbox it works and i let my friend borrow battlefield 3 after it wouldnt work and it worked fine on his so im positive this is not a game issue

    Mylene: Well if this is the case there might be an issue with the disc drive.

    Sam: ok but if the disc drive is bad wouldnt it be doing the same thing for most of my games not just the newer ones

    Mylene: In this case we still recommend you to send the console for service.

    Mylene: Sam I cannot provide a personal response to your concern as to why it would read your other sames and it would not read your brand new games.

    Mylene: The best person that can assist and check your console are those from the Service Center.

    Mylene: It is most likely a disc drive issue.

    Mylene: But I can't provide any specific reason as to why it's happening like this.

    Mylene: For this instances, it would still be best to send the console for service.

    Sam: You dont think its a firmware issue that ive seen numerous websites post and ive seen plenty of posts on the xbox forums about firmware issues

    Mylene: Sam frankly speaking we have not heard about the link you have provided earlier.

    Mylene: Normally if it's an official information from Microsoft, we are one of the first people who would be aware of that since we are the frontliner of the product.

    Mylene: I really wanted to help you with your issue, but we have tried everything and you already tried all the steps but still it doesn't work.

    Mylene: I'm sorry if the steps didn't worked.

    Mylene: It would be best to have the console checked so that this issue will be corrected.

    Sam: its not your fault i appreciate your help but in the end im stuck with faulty xbox and the only way to fix is it is for me to dish out $100 for something i know isnt damaged

    Mylene: I get you Sam.

    Mylene: As much as I wanted to help you but this is the last resolution.

    Mylene: However as I checked your console's warranty had already ended last Mar 5 2012.

    Sam: is there any way possible i could qualify for a free repair because like you said you dont really know what the issue is here its a guessing game and $100 is to much to put out for a guess

    Mylene: Sam I'm afraid I am unable to do that since as much as I wanted to setup a free repair, the system will based it on the warranty status of the console.

    Mylene: I have personally encountered this issue.

    Mylene: Wherein my son's console is unable to read the disc.

    Mylene: What I did was I borrowed a working copy of the game from my colleague and installed it to my hard drive.

    Mylene: At that point the game will run from the hard drive. Yes, it will still ask for your disc but it will be for license purposes only.

    Mylene: Once the game content is on the Hard Drive, the disc drive only needs to read the license off the disc and then the console will load the game drom the Hard Drive.

    Mylene: As I check, the publishers also have game replacement programs.

    Mylene: You may also check with them.

    Mylene: Let me get you the number.

    Mylene: This is for Assassins Creed:

    Mylene: Ubisoft  866-824-6515

    Mylene: For Battlefield:

    Mylene: Electronic Arts      

    Mylene: 866-543-5435 US

    Mylene: Normally the repair cost is $119.99 + tax.

    Mylene: You can setup the repair online for $99.99 + tax.

    Mylene: This will already include your shipping label, handling fees, parts replacement, technician labor and a 90 days extended full warranty coverage on the console after repair.

    Mylene: After repair you will get 90 days extended full warranty coverage on the console.

    Mylene: Since it will have the 90 days extended full warranty coverage after repair, you will have the option to purchase an extended warranty for your console.

    Mylene: Not only that you will also get a free 1 month Xbox Live Gold card. You will receive this card together with the console back from repair.

    Sam: yeah ive done that before look i know it doesnt matter to you but ive had a drive go bad on an elite in the past so i know the symptoms that is why i bought the slim version the fact that old games work fine but brand new games fresh out of the wrapper arent working it tells me its not a game issue its not a hardware issue its some type of software/firmware issue. This is so frustrating to me that im trying my very best to work with you guys to solve this problem not only for me but for the number of other people having this same exact issue i just want to say thanks for trying but at the end of the day its still not working and my only option is paying you guys $100

    Mylene: In the event that the console is unrepairable the service center will sent you a MS Certified replacement console of the same type or model.

    Mylene: I understand your frustration Sam.

    Mylene: I have personall experience this issue as well.

    Mylene: I appreciate your time trying all the steps earlier.

    Sam: im done ive tried to work with microsoft and xbox ive been a long time customer but im tired of sending my xboxs for repair or buying new ones and having to dish out money to fix their faults i hate sony but at least the PS3 does what its supposed to do so id rather put my $100 towards something that i know is going to work

    Mylene: I understand that this may require some time for you to fully decide. What I am going to do is document our issue today and leave you with this service request number 1187274465. This includes all my notes and our chat session regarding the issue you reported. In case you contact us about the issue, give this number to the next agent so he or she will read my notes.

    Mylene: Since we cannot provide a personal response to your concern, please visit this link and submit your comments, feedback or query, so we can use them to improve our products and services.

    Mylene: Feedback link

    Mylene: Customer satisfaction is our main goal and we appreciate your feedback.

    Mylene: We respect your decision Sam.  As much as I wanted to provide you a free repair, the system would not allow me to.

    info: Your chat transcript will be sent to at the end of your chat.

    Mylene: I really appreciate your time, patience and understanding in the doing the steps.

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    I just did the same thing as you man, I may have been a little nicer to the CS rep but basically ended up with the same answer send it in for repair, the only disc that wont run for me is Assassin's Creed Single player. Disc 2 runs but not disc 1 weird that the same game with two discs but only one will run.  Its BS it is their software conflicting with the software on the disc but they wont take the blame. the ambassadors should just be going to their reps and telling them this "you guys should really read these boards and maybe send out an email to these individuals with an explanation and apology.  cause they are pissed!" same with the CS reps seriously microsoft should be taken to criminal court for extortion they want to extort a hundred dollars from every person that had a working xbox until they decided to "make it better" and to "stop the pirates", get a clue those pirates are smarter than you, they are the people you fire and lay off, they know your inner workings and you cant stop them, so let the game developers work on ways to slow them down why dont you work on keep people from using modded xboxs to rack up huge gamer scores on your console

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    Here is another way of working it Microsoft....You send us a brand new XBOX and a transfer cable plus a box inside of it to send you our old brick box and the transfer cable back to you after we transfer all out files to the new XBOX then when you have the brick you can look at it and say opp we F@ck3D UP and just throw it in a pile of XBOXs that you broke with your update instead of us sending you our *** and you replacing a part in it that will just go bad after the next update which will be right after the 90 warranty expires...or better yet give out a life time warranty to the people that you broke there xbox when they get the new one that you send them missing all of their saved game files and profile and everything else they have saved on there.

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    Yeah its crazy we put out so much money buying games, kinect, accessories you would think we would have better service or longer warrenty then a year. It sucks because i honestly dont like ps3 but why should i stay here and keep giving them money. Ive been a live subscriber since the first xbox in my opinion if you have live you should get some kind of protection plan included.

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    This same thing happened on my S when MW3 came out. Right out of the box it didn't work. I finally resorted to installing it to the HDD, although it took maybe a good 6 or 7 times before it finally installed all the way. But it still requires the disc to play so I have to insert and eject and insert the damn disc several times before it finally recgonizes the game, then it playes fine.

    Mass Effect 3 also gave me issues until I installed it to the HDD.

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    Hey there, StalkerStang50. Glad to hear you were able to get this sorted!

    If you guys have feedback you'd like to offer about repairs, please create a thread in the Official Feedback section. Thanks very much!

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    I had problem that my Xbox 360 could not read certain discs. Solved it by compressed air into the xbox "cleaning" the lens.

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    After the update my elite will no longer play games. I can only get it to play Fallout 3, Black Ops 2, Halo 4 and Forza Horizon and even then I have to keep ejecting the disc and put it back in again. Also games that I already had installed won't play either. Will mine be a case of getting repaired?

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    Hey there James! For our best help, please create a new thread here detailing your issue and any steps you have already taken. We'll be happy to assist you there, thanks!

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    Hey Mister Darcy and Mister Gwyther, instead of asking us to create new threads to an issue which dedicated users of the Xbox console have already pointed out for support teams and other employees involved to look into.

    Why not give us some sort of clue about whether Microsoft is looking into the possibility of it actually being the firmware update and fixing it. Rather than have us flood the forum with the same issue only to give us the same "send it in for our technicians"

    The thing is, IT'S NOT A HARDWARE ISSUE it never has been. Help us by pushing for an ongoing look into testing the firmware on a console in an "at home scenario" The Machinima Mainstream 24 movies made and counting
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    We ask for new threads because everytime a post is made, it emails the person who started the topic.

    It's completely unfair for the OP to continue receiving emails for other people looking for help.

    Every single gamer is an individual person we try to help as separate cases.

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    And yet it seems that the only way for us to get help is by paying $100 or $120 to get a console fixed so that we can play our $60 games with $50 controllers. I pay $60 for yearly subscriptions to live gold, and at this point I'm not sure why because I just spent another $60 on black ops 2 only for it to not work in my console. Sorry Microsoft, my bank account is tapped. I think I prefer Sony at this point since I'm getting ripped off.

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    very frustrated as well, same issues, except no games will work besides black ops that was originally installed on my HDD, but i can't even install games anymore, it is immediate can't read disc, it is stupid, and i will not be paying $100 to fix it and nor will i buy a new one PS3/PC gaming it is, thanks microsoft, you ruin everything by faulty products.