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Error Code 8015D003

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Error Code 8015D003

I get this code when I attempt to sign into my profile.  I can't connect to Xbox Live and I can't even use my profile for offline play.  When signing in, the system asks for me to enter my email and password associated with my account.  I recieve the error when I put in the correct information.  I'd like any kind of help with this or atleast have someone tell me what the code means, because it's not recognized on this website.  I see that it's a fairly recent problem (from searches online) and none of those questions have been answered. I called Support and they couldn't help me. 

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    Try going to, sign in there, and change your password, then sign out, sign back in again, select Edit Security Info from the Account Summary page and make sure you have a working cellphone number listed under Phone Numbers, a working alternate email address and a Secret Question you know the answer to.

    If you are still not able to login to the account try to delete the profile ( delete profile only) and then download the profile again.

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    yes iam having the same problem as MacMoore13 it keeps telling me to put my email address in and password. I put it in and it tells me to go to for help . I went to it and it did nothing . it wont let me even play in the profile offline. can any one help me

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    Hi Table! Welcome to the Forums :D Were you able to sign in using that link OK?  Did it prompt you to add any info?  One thing you can try is changing your password, and then try redownloading the profile to your system.  If that doesn't take care of it, please post a fresh thread detailing exactly what's going on.  We'll get you back in, no worries!

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    @Miss Ermine

    i get that error code aswell but i dont even know my password so i cant sign in anywhere! i cant recover my account because i dont know the password to the email account that the recovery link is being sent to. i suspect both my accounts have been hacked and there is nothing i can do, i made this account that imk using right now to replace my old one but i get the same error code when downloading my profile. is there anything i can do? i dont think generel inquires can help me with this and i dont want to buy a new xbox ): i do however have a parentel acount assinged to my old account that i do have acces to but i cant reset it from there. i really need some help

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    sorry, i dont get the same error when attempting to download my new profile i get the error: 8015011

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    Hey Predawn! I would suggest trying to reset your password, by going to and clicking "Can't access your account?". If that doesn't work, I would suggest creating a new thread, and we'll get right back to you!

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    ok i tried to reset password i reset everything and none of these options are working AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want real soultion!

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    I'm having the same problem I been online 7yrs and I can't remember my password but know my email.i cant sign in even for offline play I gt code 8015d003 Xbox help does not help at all. I have 4 xboxs online in my house and if I can't get help I'll cancel all my online profiles it's a joke the lack of help and support they offer.i don't want to start over as my gamer score and all my game downloads and maps but I can't get help anywhere

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    This probably isn't very reassuring for anyone with this problem:  I ended up trying to delete the profile and re-download it to my Xbox per the Microsoft guys' advice. It didn't work. Probably because my account was tied to an old Hotmail account that I hadn't used in years (I think they used to close them for inactivity). So after getting locked out of that email from trying to submit the forgotten password forms too many times, I had to create a new Gamertag. Unfortunately,  it doesn't look like Microsoft has another answer for this. I've created a new email tied to the new Gamertag and will make sure to access it regularly so they don't take my Gamertag away from me again, for no reason.

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    Status code 8015D003 occurs when you try to sign in to Xbox LIVE


    If you see status code 8015D003 when you try to sign in to Xbox LIVE, there may be a problem with your profile.

    Read this page to learn more about status code 8015D003 and what you can do about it.

    On this page

    Status code and message

    Status code 8015D003 contains the following message:

    Sorry, something's wrong with your Microsoft account. Go to for help.
    Status code 8015D003


    If you see status code 8015D003 when you try to sign in to Xbox LIVE, there may be a problem with your profile.


    To resolve this issue, try the following solutions.

    Solution 1: Verify your Microsoft account security information

    Follow these steps:

    1. Visit Microsoft account. If you forgot your password or it doesn’t work, reset your password.
    2. Click Edit security info.
    3. Verify your security information. For example, verify the Phone number, Alternate email address, and Security question information.
    4. Sign out of your Microsoft account, and then sign in again.
    5. Try to sign in to Xbox LIVE again.

    Solution 2: Clear the system cache

    1. Press the Guide button on your controller.
    2. Go to settings and select System Settings.
    3. Select Storage or Memory.
    4. Highlight any storage device, and then press Y on your controller. (It doesn't matter which storage device you select; the cache will be cleared for all storage devices.)
    5. Select Clear System Cache.
    6. When prompted to confirm storage device maintenance, select Yes.

    Solution 3: Move and then redownload your Xbox LIVE profile

    Note If you want to use a USB flash drive or a USB hard drive to complete these steps, you must format the USB flash drive or USB hard drive for Xbox storage. (See USB flash drive support for Xbox 360.)

    1. Move your profile to a USB flash drive or USB hard drive. To do this, follow these steps:
      1. Plug the USB flash drive into your console.
      2. Go to settings and select Storage.
      3. Select All Devices.
      4. Select Profiles, and then select your gamer profile.
      5. Select Move.
      6. Select the Memory Unit that you want to move your profile to.
        Note A Memory Unit can be a USB flash drive, a USB hard drive, or the Xbox 360 Hard Drive. Be sure that you move the profile to a USB flash drive or a USB hard drive.
      7. Remove the Memory Unit from your console.
    2. Redownload your profile. For information, see Download, move, or delete your Xbox LIVE profile.

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    @woodliertoe2 @octavilaphid67 its unfortunate but there is no way to fix that problem i had to create a new gamertag to resolve this problem and microsoft will not help you recover your account unless you can directly contact a representitive this isent reausuring for any of you but i had this exact problem and i didnt find a solution maybe you will? if you do please contact me.

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    It seems that everyone I have asked says they have more than one profile on one email, heres for sure, I cant download the spelunky dlc and I am damn sure not getting the next gen xbox.

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    Hey xfyj. It is actually not possible to have multiple profiles on one email. What issue are you having exactly? If you provide us with some more details, we would be happy to help! :D

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    I too am having this error message. I have followed all the steps listed in this thread and have had no success with recovering the account.

    I have reached a point where it would be a great loss both from my time and money to just simply start a new one. Please direct me into what future steps I should be taking.

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    Hi all,

    To ensure you are entering the correct information, let's make sure you are able to sign in to this site and with the same login credentials. If that works, then Let's try changing the password over here and see if that is able to help. Then, make sure you can log in to this site with that new password and then try logging on withe your console and see if the error still persists. Also, be sure to enter Security Proofs for your account over here if you have not done that yet. let us know if that helps. Thanks!

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