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Xbox 360 Slim wont read disc???

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My slim wont read any new games. I was playing fallout 3 and after the update it stopped reading the disc. The game was bought new so whats going are they going to patch it. My old games work fine but when i introduce a new game it wont read i hope they fix it cause black ops 2 is coming out soon

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    Check out this support article on Disc drive failure.

    If after this it does not work then your console is in need of repair. Contact support here:

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    Isnt it funny how any replies from ambassadors who are not emplyoyed by Xbox only offer the 'follow disc drive solution'. When are we going to get some real answers from the company about this. Ive read pages and pages of people having the same problems.

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    I'm sorry BladeRunnerUnit but we can only provide what we know should work. If the disk drive solution is no help than the next step is to start a repair order.


    You can always PM one of the Mister or Miss's here on the forums by clicking the little green mail icon under their post as they are Official support and may be better able to assist. Or you can give support a call at 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269) if you do not want to wait on hold go here to use the "Chat with Support" or "Request a call from Support" options


    If you are having issues with your console, please make a new thread here if you haven't already.


    I hope this helps!

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    How about this...I just bought a Halo Reach console and put in Halo 4...the game updated and now my drive WILL NOT READ DISCS...(The game played fine until it updated and I played it offline on COD Black Ops for a half hour ) would you like to refund me the money on this useless piece of junk? I know it's tough when updates break console firmware and I believe that when an update is released on a game it auto-injects the system with its anti-piracy boot process and stops the system from reading discs. But why go through all of that after I paid so much money for the console?

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    XBOX deathbed.

    If you could please start your own thread as thios one is rather old.

    Be sure to state what your issue is and what you have tried to do to solve it.

    You'll get lots more help by doing this.


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    Sorry i havent been on here lately. Work and broken computers kept me away!

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    At the risk of necroposting, I'm having this issue with a DVD that's brand new and it won't start properly. The console skips the first 2 minutes after saying Attempting to read media (but when I try again without dashboarding it works fine). It works fine on my laptop, just not on the 360

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    XBOX Deathbed
    How about this...I just bought a Halo Reach console

    You bought a console from 2010? Why?


    How about not blaming Microsoft when you buy a console over a year past its original warranty and instead take up the issue with the eBay seller of the item? You knew what you were getting into. Take responsibility for the risks you took.



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    If none of these suggestions work you can send your xbox in and have them fix it [Mod Removed - Do not post self-repair tips] It fixed mine.

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    first do not bump threads, second self repair and talking about self repair is NOT allowed when you open the console you void any warranty and even if out of warranty MS will not touch it and you could face a console ban for system tampering.

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