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Sorry, this console can't play until your subscription payments are up to date

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I have had an XBox 360, and in working order, with a Gold membership, since September.  I got a new XBox 360 console with more memory (and traded in the old one) over a month ago.  I have been using it since then without difficulty, and suddenly on January 31st, it won't allow me to play ANYTHING (even offline).  Message reads:  "Terms and Conditions:  Sorry, this console can't play until your subscription payments are up to date.  Microsoft account: [MOD REMOVED] (which is NOT my email) serial #------------ Please go to for more info.  I spent 3 hours on the phone with your phone support and she wondered if the console was "banned"??  The issue was not easy because we registered it when we had our old xbox with info that we can't even remember, (old email, etc), so we registered this console while on the phone and started and account, but that didn't change anything with the still won't play!!  Extremely frustrated here.

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    I got a new XBox 360 console with more memory (and traded in the old one) over a month ago.

    From what retailer did you obtain the new console?


    The message you are getting indicates that you've purchased an Entertainment For All console, and it's already registered to someone else.


    If you bought the new console off eBay, you were scammed.

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    I have a problem with that too. I was playing BO2 when i was logged off, said i had to update my subscription info.

    ...Weird because everything is 100% right and it wont let me play.

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    same problem ans im pissed

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    That screen will only appear on a subsidized Xbox 360 system that was purchased on contract. During the 2 year contract term, the system needs to periodically connect to verify the contract status. If the contract is not current (aka you stop paying before the contract is up), the system will be banned from Xbox Live.


    Again, this is not a screen that will ever appear on a standalone Xbox 360 purchased at full retail. It will only appear on a subsidized system purchased under a contract.


    If you bought this system at full price from a store, you need to return it to the store and exchange it for a new system.


    If you bought this system from a private party on eBay or bought it used from any source YOU HAVE BEEN SCAMMED and should file a charge back with your credit card or Paypal.

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    Did anybody find a way did beat thid

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    "Beating" this involves going back to whoever scammed you and getting your money back.

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    So I have to return this thing to Best Buy? We got it for Christmas finally hooked it to wifi and now it won't play.

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    Hey there Leaded,

    Sorry to hear you're having and issue.

    Please go ahead and create a new thread detailing your situation along with any error messages you see and troubleshooting steps that you've taken so we can provide you with the best support for your unique situation. 

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    same thing but i had it for almost a year now and it never had this problem

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    There was a special deal going on in 2012/2013 where you could purchase a subsidized XBox for $99.99 if you signed a contract for a 2-year xbox live subscription at $14.99/month.

    We did this for 2 of our XBoxes. This is what it shows on the Console if the payment is not made.

    Sounds like this console was one of those types. You need to contact XBox.