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Can't load up my Xbox 360 Dashboard!

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Hi,whenever I turn on my Xbox 360 Elite the Dashboard takes ages to load up. I've tried deleting my cache but it still doesn't load up, help!
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    Hey ArchAngel DP!  That definitely does not sound fun.  Please post a fresh thread about this and we'll be happy to help out with it!

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    Hey there Pro4TLZZ!

    I see you've been asked a couple times if you've tried any of the previous suggestions in this thread. Your posts are just telling us that the issue is still there but they're not telling us what you've tried.

    Please look back through this thread at all of the great suggestions and give them each a shot. When you try them, be sure to post what the suggestion was that you tried and what the results were when you tried them.

    That way we know what you've tried, how it went, and we can suggest things to try next. ^_^

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    Do you have a network connection on? Disconnect the ethernet cable or wifi, it should boot straight to dash when there is no active network.

    (Assuming you have this connected, if not, then try the other steps as mentioned)

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    G'day Pro4TLZZ!

    Be sure to try the suggestions that have been posted so far and let us know the results. Thanks!

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    This is happening to me aswel my xbox elite got one red ring,but when I took my harddrive out it worked fine so I decided to buy a memory stick and try it that way,it was working then I had to update my console,it kept freezing on the update but finally worked,but now it sometimes freezes loading up to the dashboard or when I go to re download my profile it freezes,most of the time when I put my internet cable in it starts to happen I can't even get back online,or even play anymore because of this problem,i have tried everything on like 20 threads,will someone help me please:)

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    Hey I'm haveingg the same problem it never loads the dashboard .it only load when its not connected to the internet i have the kinect so the hard drive is in the x-box.plz Helpp.!

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    Hey there xXAsapChrisXx!

    This thread is fairly old. To better cater to your needs, please create a new thread indicating the issue you may be experiencing with as much detail as possible, as well as, any troubleshooting steps you may have already tried.


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