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3F4B - 0000 - 3080 - 0504 - 8007 - 0070 Update Error!

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Can Someone Help Me I Have This Problem And I Cant Fix It!!!!

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    Can you provide a little more information about this error like what were you doing when it happened ?

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    When I turned on my xbox I had an update! but it did not work!!!!

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    Hey there Pandaa,

    Sorry to hear you're having issues with your update.

    I would suggest you check out these 2 threads and try the troubleshooting steps there.

     Let us know how that goes or if you have further support questions. Happy gaming!

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    It still dosent work :(

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    Hey Duh, what isn't working? Are you still getting that same error after trying those troubleshooting steps?

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    Yes!!!!! it still gets the same error!!!

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    Hey there Pandaa!

    1. Can you tell us exactly what happened when you tried each of those steps?
    2. Did you try using a USB drive or a CD/DVD to get the update?
    3. What happened when you tried that?
    4. If you didn't, I suggest taking a look at the first link that Mister Fizzle posted and try the solutions included in there; especially solution 5, which covers alternate methods to get an update.
    5. Please post back in detail the steps you've tried and exactly what happened with each step.

    That is how we can help you best as it allows us to get a very good idea of your situation and make the best steps to resolve things from there. ^_^

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    3F4B - 0000 - 3080 - 0504 - 8007 - 0070 doesnt allow me to update via xbox live tried everything no luck please help me

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    Hey there RegretfulSpy49,

    Can you try the troubleshooting steps provided by Mister Fizzle above? If that doesn't help please post a new thread and we can assist you further there. 

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    I'm getting the same problems to. I can't download an update because of a random error and I can't connec to Xbox live unless I download the update but I'm getting the error so it won't let me.

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    Hey TaylorsSecret. If the above suggestions didn't help, please go ahead and create a new thread. Thank you!