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how to reset xbox 360 slim family settings

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i bought a used xbox 360 an attempted to play gta iv but it asked four a four digit code i dont know it so then i went to reset the pascode but i didnt know the answer to the question what am i to do ... none of the codes on youtube work 

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    Are you using your account, or the account that came with the xbox.  If your account, do you have an adult account.

    I would first off try deleting and re uploading all profiles, and clearing the cache.

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    Have you tried LT RT X Y LB RB DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN or LT RT  X Y LB RB Y Y X X?

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    Hi there,

    since you mention it is a family passcode, the only way to reset that is by contacting Xbox Support.

    They are the only ones that can help you reset the family passcode and as far as I know they will need the serial Id from your console (which is at the back)

    To contact them use:

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    Hey there! I would suggest calling Phone Support. They will be able to provide you the correct code to reset those parental controls. 

    Let us know if you have any questions. Cheers! 

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    im just curios how dos one become an official support mem iv always anted to be one cuase I like helping people but im jw

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    You should really make a new thread, but check this out:

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    Call xbox they will help