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My Xbox 360 slims shuts down after few minutes

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Hi! I have a Xbox 360 s and its going automatically off after a few minutes of being on, I change the TV, change the cables, used a better area so the console doesnt overheat, and use a power brick of other 360 s and still the problem persist. Its does this like three times after the third time the display goes back to 480p (the TV supports 1080p) I go to the display settings and change it back  to 1080p. After all that process is when the console continues to work perfectly until I shut it down. The next day the same thing all over again.

Should I sent it to repair?


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    Please initiate a repair by either calling XBOX Support or by visiting You've sort of done all the troubleshooting, the only other thing I can suggest trying is using the other XBOX 360 Slim's power supply and plugging it into a different wall outlet (making sure it's not plugged into an extension cord)

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