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Please help with my new X-BOX360 4GB Model 1439.

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Hello Friends i am having trouble with my new  X-BOX360 4GB Model 1439.

Right out the box (brand new) it doesn't allow anymore then 4 to 5 free demos to be

downloaded at one time. Maybe I set it up wrong, or didn't put a correct setting but everyone tells me

that that's simply Impossible, my X-BOX360 has so much room. I am at a loss. Not sure if I should

return it, taking the fury of my children with it.

Thank you for any help you may give me.

PS. There is no other media downloaded or stored.

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    Only a set number of downloads can be done at the same time.  Simply just keep adding to your list and the extras will be added to the cue to start downloading once there is a free space.  Patience and you will get what you want.

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    You might also want to check the size of the demos you're downloading, as some can be quite sizable.  Might want to invest in either a HDD for it, or simply find a 16 GB USB stick, put it in the front USB slot, and format it (in the system settings menu) to use as storage.  4 GB isn't going to be enough if you're downloading demos.

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    I have the same system  and you are we will be able to download 2 demos because there is no room for it you need a hd d hard drive  that does not come with the 360 slim  cost around 3040 bucksproblem fixed