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xbox wont recognize or sync with any controller after i synced it with bluetooth

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i used the only headset made by xbox the white one and after it successfully synced it has caused my console to not recognize wireless controllers i have tried switching hdds new controller and the controller does work on another xbox and the one i used was also used to connect to another xbox so idk what to do i have the black xbox 360 slim

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    Hey there hitinviens!

    I'm sorry to hear you're having issues connecting your controller! We should be able to get things sorted, though. ^_^

    The first thing I would try would be disconnecting the bluetooth headset from your console (turning it off if necessary) then trying to connect your controller to your console. I'm thinking the active bluetooth connection may be interfering with your controller's connection.

    If that doesn't work, hit us back with some more info and we'll go from there! ^_^

    Can you tell us which specific headset you have? Provide a link if possible. That way we can get an idea of exactly what you're working with.

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