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Carga y Juega

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Buenos días,

Tengo un problema con el kit carga y juega, que no carga, he seguido las instrucciones del soporte tecnico y nada. Ayer contacte por chat y me redirigieron al sitio

Pero nada, no puedo registrar el kit, ni el numero de serie de la batería ni del cable y el blister ya no lo tengo claro, no tiene ni un año y ya no funciona y la verdad es que no juego mucho.

Espero una rapida respuesta y solución.

Muchas gracias.


Good morning
I have a problem with the kit load and play, that it does not load, I have followed the instructions in the technical support and nothing. Yesterday please chat and I shifted to the site
But nothing, I can not register the kit, neither the battery nor the cable and the blister serial number already I have not clear, do not have a year and no longer works, and the truth is that I don't play much.
I await a quick response and solution.
Thanks a lot.


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    Hi Jasmad. Are you saying you have a play and charge kit that is no longer working? If so, the warranty on that is actually 90 days. What is going on with it? Maybe we can get it working for you. Let us know.