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Xbox 360 S Disc Tray only says open tray

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I am having a problem with my 360 s. When I first turn it on for the day, it takes forever to get out of the splash screen and onto the dashboard. When it finally boots up, the disc wont read, it will just say open tray. I open the tray, try different discs, same issue. I turn it off then back on, same thing. I clear the cache, remove the hard drive, even tried recovering the profile, nothing works. I don't do these steps everyday because eventually I will turn it on and it works and will work as long as I don't turn it off for longer than a few hours. It will work the rest of the day if I leave it on or only have it off for a short period of time. I learned that turning it on and off a few times, letting it boot, will let me play games until the next day. Any ideas? It is under warranty so I thought about sending it in for repair. I just don't really want to be without it for a month waiting for repair. 

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    This has happened to me and it is a disc drive problem.  The disc drive is having problems reading the disc. If it is under warranty i would suggest you send it in for repair.  The problem will not fix itself, but will only get worst.....wont read disc no matter how many times you turn on/off your console.  It will cost $100 to fix out of warranty.