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Xbox 360 Slim Keeps Turning on and Off by itself

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To start off my xbox 360 started last month turning itself off and changing the screen resolution and after the recent Beta update the console is now turning itself on and off by itself.

The console is a 250gb Xbox 360 Slim and I am using the Hd component cables, I have tried to use a hdmi cable and it still does the same thing.

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    Does it turn on right after you turn the Xbox off, or just randomly during the night? I was thinking that the guide on your Xbox 360 controller might have been getting stuck, or the power button the Xbox 360 has been getting stuck or something, but that probably isn't it. Might be worth calling Microsoft, see what they say.

    If you're worried about it wasting electricity, go to your guide and go over to console settings. In the system settings you should be able to set an auto shutoff time.

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    Please Halt all communication about the beta in a public forum, please follow the link below to get answers to your issues.

    "Group Not Found" issue. This can take up to 3 business days(Mon-Fri.).

    Not everyone has access yet, please post at that link with beta questions, when it comes, up. 

    Note: You are required to agree to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for confidentiality reasons. Any participant who violates the NDA will be removed from the beta, be barred from future Xbox betas, and not have access to Xbox LIVE until the end of the beta program period. Your NDA does apply to posting in the public forums. Make sure not to post any feedback, comments, or suggestions about the beta there!

    If you still cant access the forum, please wait till the rest of the day, as people are still being allowed access.

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