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Xbox Live Sign in Error.

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I have a family account under my Microsoft Account and two of my kids gamertags are requiring them to provide an e-mail and password log in.  When I put my Microsogt information in, it gives me either error code 8015d002, or 8015d003.  I have followed the multiple links to reset passwords and I'm not willing to reset the password because I have had the same for awhile.  I also cleared the cache on the xbox and also reformatted the storage.  I cannot sign on in any way to live and it is aggravating, please help!!

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    You need to input the email and password associated with each account not the email and password associated with your personal account. If you can't remember the passwords then you have no option but to reset them. Once you get the correct passwords you can set it to remember the passwords when you first log into the accounts to avoid having to input the information again.

    Follow this link to reset your password.

    If you have signed up for two-step verification then you may need to create a unique password to log into the accounts on your Xbox.

    You can follow the steps found here to create a password.

    Good Luck.