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three red rings

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i have 3 red rings on my xbox elite.i have followed the wizzard and  due to the orange light staying on i bought a new power supply. with the new power supply there is no change .

three red flashing lights and orange light solid on power supply .

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    If your power supply still had an orange light on it with 3 red rings, and you've already tried replacing the power supply then that would mean the issue is a hardware problem with the console. The only thing you can do in a situation like this is send the console in for repair. I understand that this might cost you extra money since the console is out of warranty, but there's really no other self help fixes other than those described in the flashing light solution guide found here.

    You can setup a repair one of two ways, either on this page here or by contacting phone support here.

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    Thank you for your help Hassassinade .