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Getting an Xbox 360 wireless adapter from ebay to sync with a wireless controller (Windows 7)

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Hello readers, hope I can help!

I ordered a wireless adapter off ebay and to my dismay the setup files on the cd it came with wouldn't run. The troubleshooting with windows was also unhelpful and the website from the provider had instructions that didn't help. After an hour or so of research/messing around I found how to make it work.

1. Download the wireless controller driver from microsoft's website (the same download suggestion you get if you troubleshoot and select "browse the web for drivers".

2. Plug in the wireless adapter device (should have a green light on)

3. Open up Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers > Unknown device (or unknown whatever your computer calls it)

4. Right click it and bring up properties > hardware (tab) > properties > uddate or install driver > then browse for driver > let me choose driver(or something like that) 

5. Find the microsoft xbox controller option (should have a little picture of a controller next to it) then click next.

6. Select Wireless adaptor (not the wireless controller which was the mistake I made).

7. It should download that driver info you got from microsoft earlier and place it into your device after you click the next button.

8. Sync your controller to the device as you would to your xbox console

9. If all goes well you should see the player 1 corner on your controller light up after the flashing and spinning. (if your controller keeps flashing and won't sync then your driver isnt setup properly. For me it was that I had the wireless controller driver in my device instead of the adapter driver.)

10. If it doesnt work you could always go back to step 6 and try different drivers from microsoft. But the wireless adapter one is the one you want.

Hope I was helpful and saved trouble like from what I went through.



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    Hi Backfire,

    Glad to hear you were able to get things working. Thanks for the tips.

    Happy gaming!