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Xbox Eject button not working BUT I can eject disk tray on dashboard

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Hello guys, I've been wondering why the eject button doesn't work on my 360. I can hear the click but the tray doesn't eject or even try to eject however, sometimes it works randomly out the blue and then i'll try again and it will not work. Please could someone try and help me figure out the problem?

Thanks J,

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    Which model do you have - this information will help us assist you with the proper solution for your particular unit.

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    For both the older Xbox 360s and the Slims, you could try and move the disc tray around, wiggle it some, etc. That may reposition the eject area so that it will work again. This is a trial-and-error method, and may never work. If you have another 360 or have time to wait it out, you can send it in for repair.

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    WWFC x Junaid -- Either one of two things happened, on some model consoles there's a pin that pushes into the drive to activate the open/close procedure.  That pin could have broke off or moved out of position.  Unfortunately to access that pin you'd need to open the console which is against section 1.12 of the Terms of Usage agreement.  The other thing that could be going on is a defective or shorting switch.


    Regardless, if you wish to be able to eject the tray via the button you'll need to send the console in for servicing.


    I'd also highly recommend not moving the tray around as FullM3ta1Jack3t suggested--no offense to my fellow Ambassador intended--but it is a precision system and you might inadvertently damage it in the process.

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    I have been having the same problem thanks guys for the suggestions>  :)