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My GTA V Is Not Playing.

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My GTA V is not playing. the screen reads,

The game was restarted due to a problem with the storage device where the game data was installed.

please replace the storage device and re-install the game data if issues continue to occur.
I've deleted, re-installed and still nothing, HELP?
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    You might check how much of your free hard drive space is used up. Even if there is room to install it, the game still needs a good amount of space to move around in. Especially with larger games like GTA. You might need to get a larger hard drive. If youve got lots of free space and still having could be something wrong with the internal memory that would require repair.  

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    Many people are having this problem. Only install the install disc. Flash drives that are not 100% Xbox comparable are having this issue. If possible clear up hard drive and install on hard drive. . If not try another flash drive if you have one.