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My Xbox 360 S makes a loud buzzing noise when game is in.

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Alright so my console started to make a loud buzzing noise when i was playing Halo 3 today, so I told my party i was turning my console off because i thought it might have been over heating. 10 Minutes later I turned my console back on and it made the sound again, So I took the disc out and it stopped making the noise and on the back it had these perfectly straight scratch marks on the back, I started getting worried I put the disc back in and it made the sound again. My friend told me to put my console vertical, so i did. I put Halo 3 in again and the noise started again. The noise doesn't happen when i play a full game off marketplace. My console is a Slim edition and I received it as a gift last year. The disc was pre-owned but I am positive the scratches weren't there before today. What should I do?

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    Hey there Abyss! On the noise issue, we recommend installing the games to the HDD. That way it won't have to spin the disc as much, reducing noise and extending the life of your drive.

    In regards to your disc scratches, please make sure the console is being stored on a level and secure surface and that no one is moving or bumping the console while a game disc is spinning. Let me know if this helps, thanks!

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