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hi xbox has one red light in middle of circle ??

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hi i have recently bought an xbox for my kids ... lol it was a waste of money because in the year that we've had it it has only been used 5 times !!

however i have just purchased a new tv and hooked it all up again ...

though now when i turn it on the green light comes on and then after a minute the middle light becomes red ??

nothing comes up on the screen ???

it can't have overheated because its never been used ??? can it ???

it hasn't  got the ring thing that everyone has posted about and it still turns green when first turned on ...

the light on the power suply is green also ...

all i have done is take it off the tv unit unplug it from the tv and move it across 5 inches ??

 please help !!!!

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    No there isn't much of a problem with your console i suppose, as you've barely used it. Go through these troubleshooting tips to help get back to gaming! I believe this link would help. If not, reply.

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    Very sorry, but each time I attempt to view tips on Xbox it requires authentication, I even logged in and is no better,

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    Hey there Rooster! Does this light come on and stay on, or does it blink? If blinking, check out this guide ( If you need to set up a repair order, you can do that here online ( Let me know if that helps, thanks!

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