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X Rocker gaming chair connection issues

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Hi Does anybody know how to connect an x rocker gaming chair to a xbox360. I have tried to follow the instructions but they don't show you to connect the chair if your connecting your Xbox to the tv with a HDMI cable. Any help would be appreciated Cheers.
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    I don't own of of these but looking at the instructions online you need to connect the audio from the console to the chair using the standard a/v cable that comes with your console. What exactly is the problem you are having?

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    a lot of gaming chairs aren't compatible with hdmi audio sourcing, so they require the console to be connected via av/scart. you could as an alternative for the sound plug in the chair to the headphone  port on the tv.

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    You could also use the RCA audio out on your tv to the chair. If you need a longer cord run by radio shack or a similar store. OddLots or BigLots usually has cheap ones here.

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    Cheers for your help guys will try taking the HDMI cable out and running it the av lead

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    I have the same problem, but i bought my chair online, and am not sure what cords your talking about. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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    the TV I have does not have a video out and I have to hook the xbox 360 up with hdmi, the normal AV cable will not work with the tv and the plug that was included with the chair is too big for the controller's headphone jack  any suggestions? The TV is only a couple of years old