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My Xbox 360 isnt working

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i recently moved my room around abit and set up my original 360 with my hdmi lead, it turned on but my hdmi didn't receive any signal and i also was unable to connect my controller.
i trued plugging in my wireless usb accessory into the back of the console and it seemed as if it wasn't receiving any power is my 360 done or is there a way to fix it.

when i turn on the Xbox it powers up but no lights appear on the front. i trued a different TV the same result no signal. so i tried a new power surpy still the same problem it seems there is something wrong in side the Xbox as when i turn it on it makes a load sound like it trying to run a disc that isn't in there also if you move the Xbox it makes a sort of shaky sound sounds like there is something loose inside and when you press the power button to turn it off it instantly cuts out.

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    If you are talking about the original White-colored Xbox 360, form the sound of it, I think it reached it's end.

    I am sorry if I am wrong though.

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    Hi there! Have you tried to plug in a composite or component cable? The composite cable is the red, white and yellow cable. The component cable is the two red, green, blue, white and red cable. Hook this up to your TV and see if this helps.

    Of course, I can help you with your XBOX related questions by messages as well. That's how I roll. :D

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    Its time for a new one my friend.  Its a sad day when a XBOX expires.  *poors some out for the homies*