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Just after most recent updates I started having issues with my XBOX 360 console not turning off. It started after an update about a month ago was using my media remote to watch Netflix and when I turned the system off the power indicator light continues to flash for several seconds and then it shuts off. Last week after an update the power light flashed but then system turned back on. I tried using controllers and pressing power button with same results, console shuts off then back on. Now after another update on Friday then controller indicator light stays on even when I use the media remote  which it never did before.

On some forums they have suggested turning off background download I didn't have it on in the first place. I don't have anything in the queue and I have deleted system cache. If the update is the cause a fix should be included in a future update but there are also those who think Microsoft is uploading information about your activity. This makes me wonder if they are watching me through my Kinect. I don't know what is more troubling, the fact that they are watching or that they can see what I'm doing.

I wasn't too happy with the new screen and user interface to begin with and now it's more like a vending machine that is OUT OF ORDER. 

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    Sometimes my console wont shut off, I just unplug the main power supply and all is back to normal.

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    I love how everybody seems to blame their issues on an update.  You wanna know what the latest update did? It fixed party issues and fixed an issue with Kinect and the English language.   Where in that do you see anything that could affect your power not turning off? The update before that required all free trials to add a credit card, does that have to do with the power not turning off? No.  Blame it on the update all you want, doesn't mean you're right.  The update doesn't bring problems with it, it simply brings to light problems that were already there beforehand, and makes you aware of them, so you can fix them.  

    You're not being watched through Kinect, and if you believe you are, simply turn off Voice Data Collection in your Privacy settings.  

    As for your power issue, it could be an issue with the power supply, in which case simply unplug it when you turn it off.  Problem solved.

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    I just started having this problem today.  My 250gb turned on by itself... saying there was a controller connected when there was none.  I connect my controller and it connects to controller 2... ?  Turn it off it immediately turns back on.  I have it unplugged right now, tried to unplug and replug but problem persisted.  Now I know the simple solution could be to unplug it everytime but that is ASININE.  Why the F would that be considered a solution?  I agree you shouldn't just blame the update but if many people are having the problem all of a sudden like... maybe some of the code went FUBAR somewhere.

    Anyways,  I'd like someone to post a solution outside of the obvious "just unplug it everytime you want it to turn off"

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    Have you enabled Cloud Storage BlueKnightSky?  If you do it stays on a couple seconds after you power off to sync with the server... the indicator should flash a couple times and then it should turn off... its normal.

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    Its not like it takes a second to power down, which I would consider normal.  Its turns on and stays on showing a "Phantom" controller.  Even left it unplugged for awhile, plugged it back in a few hours later with no phantom controller.  Started playing and suddenly a phantom controller "connected", didn't effect gameplay but I had to unplug the damn thing to get it to turn off again. *Le sigh*

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    Hey there BlueKnightSky! This is certainly odd. Do you live with other people who own an Xbox 360 console? Or in lose proximity, perhaps? Such as an apartment building with thin walls, etc.

    Raspy - Can you also answer the above question as well? We're just wanting to make sure we fully understand both of your situations. :)

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    Sure thing, yes I do live with another 360 in the same apartment.  I can't say whether or not others in the building own one aswell but there are around 40 units in this building so I can only assume so.  That said, why would this suddenly start happening a year after I bought my upgraded 360?

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    From the sound of it, someone  in the same building has an Xbox controller on the same wireless frquency as yours, or you may have a problem with your plug socket, try plugging it into another socket, see if that helps.  If that doesn't, you could try a different power supply, from the sound of it you may be able to borrow one.

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    Unfortunately I can't borrow the other power supply, ive got the slim he has the older elite.  Power input in different :/  i'll check around and see if someone I know has one to borrow and try it out.

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    Now I'm hoping I'm not speaking too soon. But... I tried disconnecting from my wireless network and no "phantom" controller appears.  Plus it doesn't perma power on.  Just reconnected to xbox live and no problems yet... I'm hoping the problem is fixed and I won't argue with the result if it is.

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    So that's what it is  BUNTA SAN because just today it stayed flashing like for the whole night like 7 or 8 hours just flashing but this is the first time because it would flash for a few seconds and then it would turn when I woke up I noticed it was still flashing I turned on my Xbox and then turned it off in a few seconds it stopped and went back to normal.....weird but I hope it won't happen frequently

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    Greetings, EVIL SANTA82. Thanks for bringing your question to the forums. As this thread is quite old can you please create a new one for us? Be sure to include a full description of your situation as well as the error code you are seeing and any troubleshooting steps you've tried so far. Thanks very much!

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    I had the same problem, just turn Cloud Storage and Background Downloads off.

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    I had this issue as well. It turned out that when I put away the controller, it was upside down and it's weight was on the "on" button.

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    Unfortunately this is an old thread, and for better support it is recommended that you create a new thread within the forums detailing the problem and the troubleshooting steps you have already done in order to try and fix the issue.



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