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XBOX Improvement Program Data?

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Just noticed that a file called 'XBOX Improvement Program Data" which is 151MB has mysteriously appeared in the system items area of the file browser.

This wasn't there yesterday.

Anyone know what this file is for?

My console has froze twice today. Once with the ghost recon beta and again when loading netflix. Could it have something to do with that?

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    Nothing bad, it's a program that collects data, which is usually for the Kinect to help improve its ability to work with facial/voice recognition.

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    Strange. I don't have Kinect and have never had it.Maybe it has something to do with the console sending info to MS after Netflix froze?

    Anyway the file has vanished now. It seems to have automatically deleted itself.

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    Well I'm unsure of why it showed itself then, maybe a Level S can give you a better answer than I.

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    I think it's to do wih Voice Collection from Kinect.

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    I imagine it collects data about how you're using the console and the marketplace which a weasel (yes that's a Dilbert reference) then wrongly interprets to keep himself in a job.

    I wouldn't worry about it, it doesn't collect anything that can identify you personally and a pack of marketing weasels aren't going to suddenly appear at your house to berate you because you don't use Zune enough.  

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    I made a copy of the data then deleted it, if it reappears I'll compare it to the copy. 151mb seems excessive with the data the box could provide. Considering some really good games are only 50mb or so, you'd think the goal during a system change would be to fill the hdd with something you sold them. Also on a side note why are there no .99$ games? The forward compatibility issue with the new box makes me think that whoever is in charge of designing the pricing schedule is on the wrong side of the supply and demand hill.

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    Hey Opus. Seeing as this thread is kinda old, I would suggest going ahead and create a new one if you are looking to get some support. As for the $0.99 games, there are a few. Most of them are indie games though. There is a great zombie twin stick shooter called I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1