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Table Clamp on Wireless Racing Wheel

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So I got my Wireless Racing Wheel a while back when I was really into racing games. But I haven't used it in awhile so it just sits in my closet. But my GF thinks she can beat me at a racing game with it so I got it down to see if it still works. (BTW she doesn't have a chance at winning) But anyways, it does work but it still has the table clamp on it. And since I don't have a table I can put it on anymore, I need the table clamp off. But, for some reason it won't come off! I've tried pushing the release button and pulling from the back-end but it won't budge! I'm pulling really hard on it, but I'm afraid if I pull any harder the steering wheel is going to pop out of place! So I don't know what to do anymore! I need help A.S.A.P. because she (my GF) wants to race tomorrow! And I need to win!!! So please, anything that I could try to get it off would be greatly appreciated, thanks! 

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    if you feel that the wheel might break, I wouldn't suggest pulling it off any harder.  So hate to say this i would leave it on... I know it sucks, but at least you didn't take the risk of destroying the wheel.  And as for your GF racing with you, here's a small tip:  Let her win.   ;)

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    Surely you have a steady table or surface somewhere, try clamping it on then try pressing in the release button and lift the back up, if it still doesn't work get your GF to press the button in and you try and lift the back off. I have just tried with my clamp and if I hold the hook which hold the wheel in, I cannot press the button, they are a single piece of plastic so it should be moving when you press it in. I find when they get stuck it is easier to press the release button with both thumbs as it allows you to put more pressure on. As stated above though, don't try too hard as you may end up breaking it.

    I don't see though why it would catch on it, I know how they work on the inside (mine's no longer white and grey, lets leave it there).

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