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Console is making very loud noise

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My console has been making very weird noises lately. Started about last week and I haven't done anything out of the ordinary. I play it on average 2 hours a day. It's almost the same kind of noise a computer makes when trying to read a DVD or read a disc to install an update. It also tends to make clicking noises,


The console is in an open environment and is away from anything that might cause violent vibrations such as sub-woofers. It's also the new Xbox 360S with 250g HD.


I tried clearing the system cache, unplugging the powersupply(from both the wall and the brick), and removing and re-inserting the hard drive. I've even tried playing the console without the HD and tends to make the same noise. Note, it only makes the loud noise when reading the disc. It's also sit horizontally on the ground.

I have tried it with different games and still this loud noise. Any thoughts as to what it could be? Your help is much appreciated



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    Hi there!


    From what I read above it just seems as though the disc drive is the cause to the noises, maybe when the laser moves when reading the disc perhaps. If the console is not damaging your discs and is not causing playability issues (i.e. freezing of games, disc read errors etc...), then I wouldn't worry to much about it.


    What you could try is installing the games you play most, this way, once installed the information is read by the hard drive and not the disc drive. To install a game simply follow these steps:


    1. Navigate to the "My xbox" slide on your dashboard.
    2. Highlight the first box, being the disc drive/inserted game tab.
    3. Hit Y on your controller and select the option to install the game.

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    is it the xbox or the power adapter

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