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Xbox flashing green light

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Alright, ill admit it, I did the stupidest thing with my Xbox 360 the other day. So, I just ordered a game from Gamefly and I got it today, it wouldn't work so i tried to fix it myself by taking it apart down to the disk drive, I fixed the problem, but then my Xbox disk tray didn't open or close, right when i turn it on the on button keeps flashing, but the when i click close, even though it's closed, it won't even close! You guys are my only hope. It's either there is a way to fix this, or i have to buy a new Xbox.

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    The green light on the power button of the Xbox 360 console flashes when the console performs either of the following two actions:

    The light flashes rapidly when the disc drive tray is opening or closing.

    The light flashes slowly when the console is downloading Xbox LIVE content after the console is turned off.

    Visit this link to resolve the flashing green light issue.

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    Unfortunately since you've decided to take the problem into your own hands and opened the XBOX 360 you will not be able to get it repaired by Microsoft.

    Microsoft will refuse warranty as well as out of warranty repair service on a console that has been opened or tampered with. So, with this, you will need to purchase a new console. In the future, please do not open your console to try to fix things yourself. Let only Microsoft certified repair centers open and deal with your consoles repair issues. 

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    Also your console may now get banned from the Xbox Live service because you have decided to fix this yourself.

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    Did you try doing a Bing search?


    This might be your only option or try to find a local game store that does Xbox 360 repairs.

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    My xbox started flashing the green light last night but i did not download any thinv

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    Well, you will no longer have a warranty so Microsoft won't repair it.

    Try opening it back up, vacuum everything, clean the disk drive, and make sure everything is in the correct place, making sure nothing is snagging.
    If this doesn't work, maybe Google *Cough* I meant Bing, Local Xbox repairs.