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Xbox won't turn on.

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I read Mister Fitzer's post about if your console won't turn on. Well I'm pretty sure my Xbox is completely done since the power supply bar has the orange light on but my 360 won't turn on, so I'm just wondering if anyone knows anything that could fix this without me having to send it my console.


Basically, for the past 2 days my Xbox power supply has been getting that red light, but it was usually fixed by just switching my power supplies (I have two). Though today I moved my console to a different room in my house, I played it, had no problems, played for around 4 hours, then shut it off for around 5 hours. I went to turn on the console again, when it won't turn on. The power supply light is orange, and whenever I switched power supply cords, I just had the same problem. I plugged it into a different outlet, same result.


Anyone know a way to fix it without sending it in? It's not even under warranty and I don't wanna wait the 30 days for them to fix it. 


Or should I just get a new console? I wanna just get one of those $200 Xboxs, but of course Microsoft makes the HDD built in for *** whatever stupid reason. 

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    yeah I think your power brick might be broken it could of over heated or just malfunctioned. if you cant get it to turn on anymore then as much as it sucks you might want to buy a new one, or you could try waiting a few days and see if it fixes it self

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    My power supply was orange and when I hit the power button it would make a noise I looked online for fixes found it could be a USB port could have a shorted wire. Not so with mine it was the TV, switched the plug to another HDMI port and it worked.

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    Hey there, AlFa. This thread is over 3 years old. If your console continues to have trouble even after switching that port, please post up a new thread detailing what you're running into and troubleshooting you've completed. This way we can get you the individual support that works best on the forums. :)

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