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My power supply is blinking orange and my console won't turn on.

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I've unplugged everything and then plugged it in again. I have also switched outlits multiple times. Is there any way to get my console to work without having to get repairs or call someone to look at it? And if there isn't a way, is my xbox broken or is the power supply broken? Thank you for your time.

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    Sounds like the power supply is bad.


    Solution 4: Check the power supply light

    1. Turn on your console.
    2. Check the light on your power supply.

    Green or orange: If your power supply light is green or orange and your console does not turn on, contact Xbox Support for help.

    Green power supply light Orange power supply light

    Not lit: If the light on your power supply is off, there is a problem with the power supply. Contact Xbox Support for help obtaining a replacement power supply.

    No power supply light

    Red: If your power supply light is red, the power supply might have overheated. Here's what to do:

    Red power supply light

    Unplug the power supply and wait

    1. Unplug the power supply from the console and the electrical outlet.
      Unplug the power supply
    2. Let the power supply cool for one hour.
    3. Reconnect the power supply to the console, and plug the power cord into the electrical outlet.


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    Hey there,

    I had the same problem with my xbox and after about an hour's worth of searching, i finally found a good solution. The reason MY Xbox wasn't working was because i had a charging cable for the controller in one of the usb ports and it had a faulty connection, causing the power supply light to blink orange. If you have a controller charger plugged in, try .disconnecting it and then turning the xbox on. if that doesnt work, it may be that you have your xbox plugged into a surge protector, if you do, plug your xbox into a wall socket and try again and that should fix your problem. hope this helps

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    works great.....whoda thought thanks alot

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    I was having the same issue. Seems like this has solved it. Thanks.

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    You have to get a new power supply