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Hi my console shuts down because the power brick has a red light on  it

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    Red: If the light on the power supply is red, the power supply might have overheated.

    For steps that help help you with this situation, follow this link to the Xbox Support page:

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    Xbox Support suggests a few steps to try when the light on your power supply turns red. Try the steps in order, and try to turn on your console in between steps:

    Step 1:  Your cables could be loose/not properly plugged in - With the console turned off, unplug the device from the wall. Then unplug everything from the console. Remove all the AV/HDMI cables, remove the power supply brick (and also, unplug the cable from your power supply if it has removable). Basically, if it unplugs... unplug it.  Now, quickly look over all the connections and make sure there isn't any obvious damage. Then plug the cables back in, being sure that they are securely plugged in and aren't loose.


    Step 2:  Try a different room - The problem may be the outlet you're plugging the console into. Make sure there is no disc in the console, and take the console into another room to try a different outlet.


    Step 3:  Cool down your power supply - If your power supply brick seems hot, then leave the power supply unplugged from both the console and the wall outlet for a while to allow it time to cool down (approx. 30 minutes). Be sure that the power supply is in a well ventilated area, and that the ventilation holes are not covered. After the brick has cooled down, plug it back into the console and then into the wall outlet.


    Step 4:  Replace the power supply


    I hope this has helped you with your issue. Let us know how it turns out. Good luck.

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    ok i have a question what if i put another power brick into the xbox and that power brick also showed up red

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    My power brick only shows red when I plug it into my little brothers xbox, but when i plug it back into my xbox its fine.. only my xbox's disc reader is broken and I just got my little brothers fixed so I could use his, what could be the problem?

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    My power brick is fine until I plug it into my Xbox console and when I do so it turn the LEDs red and won't turn on my Xbox

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    Hello, XceL x Swagger, you will need to exchange/purchase a new power supply, please visit the following link here. If the console is under warranty the replacement is free, if it's not it's $35 dollars to replace it.

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    i have replaced my power brick and it is still showing the red light. it also wont allow me to turn on my console

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    Hey there bigticket857!  It's sounding like the console may need service.  Have you tried all the steps here? Xbox No Power Solution 

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    same here red light when i try to activate tryed everything on my power brick i am so furious !!!!!!

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    What if I have the same problem as bigticket857 and my console is no longer under warranty?

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    Hey Altered! If your console is out of warranty, and you are in need of a new power supply, you can contact Phone Support to purchase a new one.


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    Thanks, it's not my power brick because I've used it to power my mage's slim and that worked fine, we played all night and nothing happened. So I know that its the console. Every time I even connect the power brick to the console the light immediately goes red. This is without any peripherals, or ever AV cable. It won't respond by either touching the button, or by controller prompting.

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    Hey Altered! It sounds like you'll need to send your console in for repair then. Here's how to get the Repair started.

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    Thanks. Do I follow the same process if I live in New Zealand?

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    Yup, that link should walk you through everything you need.  Feel free to hit us up here if you run into any snags though!