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xbox s fan not working ?

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when i turn my Xbox s  on it makes a little noise like if there was no fan and right after i turn it on it gets really hot is that normal or is the fan not working ?

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    You should hear the fan running or even feel the wind blowing from the inside out. It its not running, that is NOT NORMAL. Try unplugging any extra devices attached, controllers, Kinect, etc. See if it changes anything. Perhaps try another outlet in your home. Try a friends power brick. If nothing helps, start a repair request under support. Personally, I would refrain from using the console anymore until it comes back from Microsoft or you could damage it further.

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    You could also try blowing some canned air in there, as you  may have a lot of dust n stuff.

    Keep in mind though, the XBox Slim is very quiet, and even when the fan is working properly, you should just hear a slight hum, and feel a tiny bit of air blowing out the right side.

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    Also take a flashlight and look into the fan section and see if it is spinning at all. Look over the fan blades to see if they are loaded with dust and the grill itself is free of dust and clean. Then check the right side grill as well in the horizontal position. The fan exhausts some of the hot air out that side as well. I made a little plastic cover to cover the fan area when it is cool to keep dust at bay a bit. Cut a square of lexan or acrylic plastic to fit over the top exhaust with 4 rubber stick on feet at each corner. My fan and grill is clean as a whistle from this practice. Hope this helps ya man.