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Yesterday I opened up my nephews brand new Xbox slim 4GB, connected it to the internet which then prompted me to update the Xbox software (I'm guessing this will be the latest dash update) it downloaded the update and then turned itself off then as it booted back up it came on to a Error screen which reads:

Can't read the update from the disc, please reinsert the disc to continue the update

Support code 23EF 3151 B200 0700 C000 0013

I've been looking online and can't seem to find a sure fire way to solve this. It is not a modded or chipped Xbox (Most people with this problem seem to have modded/chipped Xbox's)

I've tried following the steps on but I'm stuck in a loop. I can't get onto the dash or anything 

I've tried holding the sync button whilst booting to clear the cache 

I've tried putting a different HDD from another slim console which has the latest update installed. 

Please help this was his main Xmas present so I've had to lend him mine which means I have no xbox at the moment and it's slowly killing me hahaha!! 

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    Seems like some fault in the software, the easyst way is to go back to the store and ask for a new console i geuss, Make sure that the hard drive is inserted corectly