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Resetting parental control code

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   I am attempting to get my nephew's live account set up with parental controls and whatnot. Problem is, there is already a parental control code set on his machine. I need to reset this so I can set his machine up the way his mother (My sister) would like.


   How can I go about getting this done?



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    I have seen several different codes but I can't confirm if they work or not.  Have you contacted Microsoft about this yet?  They should be able to tell you the exact code to try.  I'll post what I have found but can't guarantee they will work.  I do suggest you call 800-4MY-XBOX.

    Turn off your 360 Unit


    Restart 360 Unit

    Go to system blade > Console Settings > System Info

    Now press on the controller:

    left trigger, right trigger, x, y, left bumper, right bumper, up, left bumper, left bumper, x.

    THEN immediately afterwards, press DOWN, Y, UP, DOWN (these 4 could be different.) I've read it worked with Down Down Down Down or LB RB LB RB.

    If it works, it will bring up a message about that continuing will reset the console back to defaults.

    Reset System Settings

    After this the Xbox would be as if turning it on for the first time.

    Hope this helps and good luck.


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    iam afraid that that wont work phone support they can reset that fore you the code from above has as far as i know never worked but if it does then please say so here

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    If this does nothing for you, the best thing you can do is to call Xbox support at 800-4MY-XBOX


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    it seams that the code is randomized and you need Xbox support to get the right code command...

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    Hey Megas86!

    Since this thread is over a couple years old, please post a new thread detailing the issue you are running into! That way the community can provide support tailored for you! :)

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