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XBox 360 - Change from NTSC to PAL?

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We are moving to Germany (military PCS) and I have an XBox 360 Slim. I figured out how to get a power brick through customer support, but now I need to know how I would go about changing the system to recognize PAL 50Hz on the TV vs the standard American NTSC 60Hz. Is there an option to change this in settings, or does it auto-select? I'm assuming we'd still be ok playing our NTSC games since it's an American Xbox though, yes? I don't have a PAL TV yet, and was simply wondering if I would have to do this before we left or if I could do it at any time. 

Thanks for the help!

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    As far as consoles go, you can only play games from the region the Xbox is from. I don't think there's a way to change that unless you get a new Xbox...I could be wrong! This should help you out though:

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    As of now, you would have to buy a new console to play PAL games.  I think Microsoft has been working on an app to let you change your region though.  Maybe by the time you move, they will have finished it.  As far as using your NTSC console on a PAL tv, I'm not entirely sure.  If you can find a way to use your current tv in Germany you could buy your games online through Amazon or an equivalent to get NTSC games.

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    HDTVs support both PAL and NTSC Hz. If you hook your xbox via HDMI it will work on any TV with a HDMI slot for it. I suggest hooking your xbox via HDMI to overcome this 50Hz and 60Hz problem which i think was already fixed by modern CRT TVs now 50Hz and 60Hz are both supported.

    Since your moving to germany, xbox games there are using "PAL" format and most of them are region locked. Meaning most "PAL" games wont work on a "NTSC" console. You can check for PAL games that can work on NTSC consoles.

    As for your power supply, Europe has a different wall socket. For Germany its the two prong rounded type. Just get an adapter for your current power supply as seen on this link

    The biggest issue for your case is the availability of PAL games that can work on your NTSC console. Just check for that unless you want to buy a new PAL version xbox.

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    Did anybody answer your question about changing settings to pal? I got an scart converter and now my Xbox shows up in black and white.

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    Hey Turnip, I am afraid it is not possible to change that setting. Hmm, what kind of connection is going into that converter?  It may be worth it to post a new thread detailing the setup and we'll see if there isn't another solution to be had.

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    The posted answers to your question aren't exactly correct.


    With the Xbox 360, it breaks down like this:


    A NTSC unit will not output a PAL signal. In standard definition, it will always output 480, which is NTSC. Most newer TVs in Europe are multi-standard and will accept a NTSC signal. 


    If you output in HD (720p or higher) then there is no difference between NTSC and PAL. Those designations really only apply to SD signals. 720p is 720p no matter where you are located.


    As far as games are concerned, your console will play any games that are region coded for North America as well as any games without a region code. Most Microsoft first party games are region free and do not have a region lock. With third party titles, the region lock is decided on by the publisher. If a game is region free, it will play (and output properly) on your console. Unfortunately, the only way to confirm if a game is region free or not is to look it up online or try it (I suggest renting) as this is not something that is publicized on the game boxes.


    Finally, there is Xbox Live Arcade. Your XBL account is probably set to the US region. Anything you've downloaded will still work. However, going forward, you may run into some games that cannot be downloaded from NA XBL while you are physically located in Europe. This is due to licensing. Any MSP cards you buy in Europe will not work on your US account (you would need to get US cards). XBL Gold time bought in Europe *may* work on your US account, but again, you would be better off buying subscription time from a US seller.


    If you are going to be in Europe for the long haul, you may want to use the online tool to change your XBL account region from North America to your current location in Europe. After using the migration tool, your account will connect to the local version of Xbox Live and locally purchased MSP and XBLG time cards will work. However, American cards will not.


    Hopefully this helps answer some of your questions.

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    Quick question. I might buy NASCAR 2014 for Christmas and it is an NTSC game (so it's American), and I live in the United Kingdom. I looked at my current Xbox 360 settings and it is 1080p, it says widescreen and it says HDMI, and I read on google, NTSC games work on a PAL console if your tv has HDMI. Does that mean that I can play NASCAR 2014 without changing any settings on my Xbox?