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controller and wireless headset will not connect to first quadrant

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hey guys/gals

my controller and headset will not connect to the first quadrant, however they will both connect to the second quadrant. i have tried re-syncing them a buncha times and no luck what so ever. now your  probably asking your self what does it matter? lol well it just bugs me i guess i do not know why. i just started using this controller because for some reason my kinect microphone or my headset mic would not work with my other controller but after doing a bunch of reading i guess the controller already thinks it has a mic plugged in or something and cancels out the kinect mic and the headset anywho now that i am not going to be using that controller that doesnt work with my mic's i am now using the second controller and it works perfect weather im using the kinect mic or my headset mic but i want to move it to the 1st quadrant on my xbox but like i said for some reason it will not let met.

any ideas folks? thanks in advance fellas!

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    Have you ever had your Xbox facing up ( or vice versa)? The gyroscope in it may not have changed orientation when you moved it.

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    I've read that if you previously used a wired headset and then went wireless, that sometimes the controller becomes "bridged" to the headset. And since a wired headset has priority over wireless, it messes things up.  The solution was as as follows.  Turn off the console, controller and headset.  Remove the battery from the controller and use a plastic flosspic to probe the headset input on the controller.  Then obviously put the battery back in and start up.  I haven't tried this simply because I never had this problem, but a few people say it works.  Be careful tho, don't scratch the headset jack.  Hope this helps.