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Transferring one profile - save games for remaining profiles lost

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When my ex moved out, he purchased a new X-Box and a transfer cable.  He moved his profile from my X-Box onto his.

All of my achievements are still recorded in my profile, but when I try to play any of the games that I had before he left, my save data isn't recognized.  In one case, I bought myself a new copy of the game.  In other cases, I have the original discs that were used.

Did he delete all of my saved games when he transferred his profile and associated data, or is there something else I need to do to access my old data?

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    Hey Fweeh. :)

    Could you go into your consoles memory and see if there are any saves listed in there which are associated with your profile.

    Also could you check to see if any of the files are corrupt, if there are any corrupt files you will need to delete them.
    (Corrupt files are checked with an exclamation mark).

    It sounds like he may have caused issues with your profiles data when he moved his over to the new console, but we will know for sure after you check.

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    I'm so sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but check this link for information regarding using the Transfer Kit:

    The part of that article that is of interest to you is this:

    Things to know before you transfer content

    Warning Before you use the Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit, please read the user's guide included with the kit.

    You can move all content from one Xbox 360 hard drive (referred to as the "source hard drive") to another Xbox 360 hard drive (referred to as the "destination hard drive"). The content from the source hard drive overwrites the content on the destination hard drive.

    Once the transfer is complete, the original content on the destination hard drive is replaced with all the content from the source hard drive and the content on the source hard drive is erased.


    Hopefully you're still on good enough terms that you can retrieve your saved game information and anything else on it you might have wanted as well.



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    GreyPilgrim - I found only one corrupted file, which was labelled as Marketplace data so no worries there.  I did not, however, find any save data for any of the games we had played before he left.

    Knowitall - I had read that information, however, not all data was being transferred.  He moved his own profile, but left the other profiles (myself and my roommate) on my machine.

    Does this mean that our saved data is now on his hard drive, or did he obliterate it?

    Thank you both for taking the time to help me out!  :)

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    Hmmm, it's been a while since I had to use a transfer cable (fingers crossed, oh great, just jinxed myself) but I don't ever remember having the option to choose what I wanted to transfer and what I didn't, ie. profile only but not game saves.  I just remember it transferring everything.  I looked over the supplied link again to see if there was an answer on that page and saw this:

    The Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Kit moves all content from one console to another. If you only need to move a small amount of content (for example, your saved games), you can move that content by using a USB storage device.

    So, I do believe that means all of the content went to his HDD and deleted it off of yours.  Key words being: All content.

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    Couldn't edit but wanted to add:

    I did/do only have a single profile on my HDD though, which raises many intriguing questions.  When moving data from one HDD to another using a transfer cable, are you given the option to only move a single profiles data?

    If so, would it still wipe the remaining data or leave it intact on the HDD?  After he transferred the data, was your profile still on your old HDD or did you need to recover your gamertag?  Did you recover it if so, or did he, if it was him, have you changed your password for your account yet to prevent him recovering it to his machine if he wanted to?

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    I think the problem lies in that the save games seem to be packaged into one "Save Game" block per game.  When I was looking at the data on the HDD, I noticed that if I went into the "Save Game" option on the game data, it would list all the saves, but ultimately it's bundled into one data package per game instead of per profile.  I expect the profile transfer just grabbed everything labelled as a save.

    I'm guessing I can take a USB key and either move individual save games or copy the whole package.  Thankfully I'm still on good enough terms with the ex that I can do this, but man, talk about awkward.

    Thanks for your help!