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Xbox 360 Slim 4gb Internal memory GONE.

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After about a month without playing my xbox 360 slim with 4gb internal memory (no hard drive), i turned it on to find that all my data, including gamesaves, profiles, downloads, themes, etc. were gone. When I got o the Games and Apps section of the xbox storage, it says that there is 2.6 gigs of stuff when I choose to transfer conent, yet it says that there is 0kb worth of data. The device itself says it has 359 megabytes free, yet when I open it, it only displays about 2 megabytes of stuff (my xbox profile that I redownloaded) If Anybody has had this issue or knows how to fix it, PLEASE TELL ME. I had worked for about 3 months for all my data and it sucks to have it robbed from me.

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    From the way I understamd it, the 4 gb models have memory issues.  Unfortunately, there is no way to get back your save games and such.  I would invest in a bigger hdd.  It sucks, I know and I'm sorry this happened to you.  I have a 4 gb myself and bought the 320gb hdd and I love it, had it for over a year and have had no issues.

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    I too have a 4gb unit - but with a 32GB external (well its really 80GB) which shows up as a Memory Unit. to be on the safe side I store all my game saves in the cloud-which is a great idea.

    You can have up to 2 external drives (USB) connected to the 360 and an internal drive if you wish. I have found the internal drives expensive and out of my budget, though I am saving up for one.

    I am sorry to read you have lost data - but hope you may take my advice and use the cloud to store the game saves.

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    I'm tight on cash so a new hard drive isn't really an option. I forget If you need to gold to have cloud storage, because I just recently downgraded to silver. If I can't retrieve my Data, I guess it would just be better to wipe my memory and start anew huh. I've been meaning to replay Fallout 3 anyway. Thanks anyways.

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    I would give XBOX support a call and have it repaired (if you're still under warranty), there could be an issue with the internal memory itself. Things just don't disappear for no reason. If you start over again, what if it happens again?


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    bro im so mad i put all my memory on my flash drive and left but when i came back all my memory was gone . i life the flash drive atact to the xbox i left for a hour and all my data was gone if you have any sulation please tell me please

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    Hey YoungBugs14, please start your own topic on the forum so support can help your case directly.

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    I just came home to the same issue, only mine is 2 GB. Going to call support tonight. I'll be sure to let you know how it goes. Realize big time span between your post and mine, but maybe it will help.