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What does this error code mean?!

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I was playing fifa and I got a message pop up about saving something, and I clicked cancel now it is not letting me connect to xbox love and always makes me update it but it always fails and gives me error code 3f4b 0000 3080 0505 8007 0570 what has happened?!
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    Hi, I dont know what this error code means.

    However I will find out for you

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    Hey there!  Are you still seeing that error right now when you try to update?  Let's try the steps here: Xbox Updates | Xbox 360 Updates | Xbox System Update

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    I am having the same error over and over... I tried everything Clear cache remove my HD using a USB drive, formatting them, LB RB + x, USB install, restart console, restart router.

    P.S. my xbox has an internal drive, I bought the HS separately

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    When I Was playing Black ops 2 it Disconected me from x-box Live and asked me to Update it and i did so 2 Mins later

    3F4B 0000 3080 0505 8007 0570 Showed up and idk what to do

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    Hey Swag! Have you tried following the steps in Miss Ermines link? If so to no avail, please go ahead and create a new thread. Thanks!