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Xbox 360 Slim Power Supply Buzzes

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Hi all. I purchased an Xbox 360 Slim less than a month ago from Right out of the box the power supply makes a consistent buzzing sound (sounds like a bee). It isn't extremely loud but it is definitely noticeable from about 10 feet away and even more so up close. I checked the version and it is Rev. A. The power supply is placed behind the tv stand on the floor. I tried placing it on different surfaces and the buzzing persists. When I squeeze the casing the noise is somewhat reduced but still there.

Is this sound normal or should I get a replacement? I can live with the noise as long as I know that it won't be breaking down or worse over the next six months. Thanks for the help.

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    it makes a little noise but if it's really annoying requests a replacement

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    Hey Viper! If your power supply is making a lot of noise, you may have it plugged into a power strip or surge protector that is overloaded. If it is, try plugging it into a wall outlet and see if that helps.

    If it's already plugged directly in the wall, and you feel it may be defective, you can always request a repair by using the Contact us option. Cheers!

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    I've actually already contacted support and went through the troubleshooting steps. It still buzzes when directly plugged into the wall. Initially he told me to send it in. Then he checked a console they had there and said his power supply also emitted a slight buzzing sound so it is probably okay. However, I've read online that many people have silent power supplies. Obviously I feel it is defective because I have never had a PSU with any kind of electronic device buzz. BUT if Microsoft or other Xbox owners are having a similar experience there isn't a cause for concern. I don't want to send back a piece of equipment if it is operating normally, especially if I have to wait 2 weeks.