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Multiple controllers won't connect to my Xbox 360

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Hey there,

I've got a problem with my controllers. Or maybe it's my console, I don't know. I've recently bought a new Xbox 360 Slim 250GB (Almost 1 month ago) to replace my older Xbox Elite 120GB. The new Xbox Slim worked fine, up till one or two weeks ago. All of the sudden it starts disconnecting my controllers and I won't be able to reconnect them.

I've tried literally everything I could think of: Syncing, putting the Xbox horizontal and vertical, pull out all of the cables and reconnect them, use a different HDMI cable, disconnect multiple products that could distort the frequency (Router, WiFi on my laptop and phone, basically everything in it's vicinity), use different controllers (both won't connect properly), use a play and charge cable with battery pack, use batteries, use just the cable with no battery pack attached, remove any objects that are in the way (metal objects, etc.). But nothing. Nothing seems to solve the problem.

Sometimes the controllers will connect after trying to sync them for the 30th time, but then they will start disconnecting while I'm playing a game or even when I'm at the Dashboard. Sometimes they would just flash off and on, other times they stay off. When the Xbox says it's disconnected ("Please reconnect controller" error), the LED light on the Xbox keeps saying Controller 1 is connected. Even the LED on my controller itself says so.

When I try to sync it with my Xbox again, sometimes it works but most of the times all four LED lights just keep flashing and flashing.

I'm really out of options about what I should do. Do you guys know any perhaps? You would be a great help!



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    Is your XBOX connected via HDMI to your TV?

    If so, it could be a problem with the HDMI. Try to turn on the console first and let it start up completely and then turn  the TV on. Then try to connect the controllers.

    If that dosn't work you could try this as well:

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    It is connected to the TV via HDMI, yes. But as I said, I've already used a different HDMI cable. Or do you mean it could be the HDMI port or something? It couldn't be the port on the TV though, I've tried different ports there.

    I've already tried everything that's on that page though. But nothing seems to work properly.

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    Hey Vicill, sorry to hear your having controller troubles. Let's see if we can get this fixed for you. :D

    Alright, so it seems you have done quite a bit of troubleshooting already. Have you made sure there are no objects in between or near the console, such as phones, microwaves, metal objects, etc?

    If that looks good, I would then suggest you make sure all external devices, such as headsets, are disconnected and turned off. Certain headsets are known to interfere with the controllers signals. 

    If you haven't already, you can refer to our Xbox 360 Wireless Controller disconnects or can't connect support article.

    Let us know how that goes, or if you have any questions. Thanks.

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    I don't have any external devices connected, and neither are any microwaves or metal objects. I'll try it when my phone is not near my Xbox. Maybe that might help. I'll come back to you about that.

    I've already tried everything that was mentioned on the article. Nothing worked though.

    Thanks for the help. :)

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    Nope it didn't work. My phone isn't the problem, I guess. I've turned off every single device that is in the vicinity of my Xbox. Even if it doesn't transmit anything. But nothing seemed to interfere. I'm seriously out of options now. Should I return it to the shop?

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    have you figured it out yet? cause i'm currently having the exact same issue, except i don't have it hooked up with an hdmi cable, and i don't have a slim, i've got an elite.

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    my xbox slim just strated doing this also is there ne fix to it i tried 10 different remotes and none would connect wireless or with cable

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    Hey there Rapido83!

    Sorry to hear about the controller issue! Since this is an older thread, please post a new thread with specific details of the issue along with troubleshooting steps you have tried if you need assistance! That way the community can provide support tailored specifically to you! :)

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